Weighing 1.8 kilograms of moon rocks will be auctioned opening bid of $170000

if you happen to have a lot of extra money, so here’s a good idea, you can buy a big piece of the moon rocks!

according to foreign media reports, at the moment there is a piece of moon rocks are auction, experts estimate that the meteorite will be the final price at around $340000. This rock lunar Numbers for Dar al Gani, 1058, was the most ever auctioned before large samples of moon rock. The meteorite 4 pounds (about 1815 grams), since the us Apollo program is not on sale, the samples, it is also the public could come into contact with the fourth large samples of moon rocks.

Robert & middot; Skin al mann (Robert Pearlman) is the editor of collectSpace.com, space history, “he said & other; Speaking of moon rock market, the size of this rock has exquisite, of course, but it is more important is it from the moon. Throughout the &; Al said, by the United States and the former Soviet union automatically recoverable sampling probe to retrieve the moon sample compared to the price will be higher, this is because the collectors value these samples contain the history of symbolism. He said: & other; , for example, there are 3 small lunar debris is about the size of seeds by the Soviet union in the 1970 s the sample return back from the moon probe, 30 years later, the three small debris sold for $442500. In addition, although the Apollo program to retrieve samples of the moon is thought to be the country’s state assets and never to private sale, but the valuation according to the value of his 1 g sample was as high as millions of us dollars. Throughout the &;

the thick slab of Dar al Gani lunar samples of 1058 by the forces of nature from the moon to the earth, it was the moon high stude screws on the back part of the conglomerate. Scientists do not know when it is left of the moon to the earth, and in 1998 it was found in Libya. It was an anonymous collector after dropping into the auction market. The auction of the asking price is $170000, the auction deadline is October 14. Collectors said of the lunar samples: it can be collection in the world on any one of the most important in the museum of natural history.