Wendi policy: her greatest skill is knowing how to get along with man

Core tip:

80 s guangzhou woman, aspirant studious, disposition lively, learning English, go to study in the United States, get a green card, famous degree, married woman. It was a classic version of the “guangzhou people in New York”. just because of her name in the glorious name, Murdoch, a big her 38-year-old man, and become a place of the arrow: all female, by hook or by crook to climb. She is too do not conform to the Oriental female values. reality she, like the legendary movie, just play outside in the play has too many glorious, confusion and misunderstanding.

new movie

11 June night, wendi hand holding the 80 – year – old media mogul rupert murdoch, set foot on the opening ceremony of the Shanghai international film festival red carpet, instantaneous detonation.

the murdoch platform to support the movie “snow flower”. Producer at the Chinese women’s deng said, it was her seventh home for one year.

the film “Snow Flower” originated from Chinese American woman writer See (Lisa’s) of the English novel “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan”, tells the story happened in the qing dynasty and the contemporary, two women & other; The fourth class emotion & throughout; The sad story.

opens on June 24, “snow flower” as early as during the preparation with an aura of ambiguity.

not long ago the end of the cannes film festival, wendi has took the film on & other; Cool & throughout; A handful of. So far in New York’s times square dazzling electronic big screen, still holding a fan li bingbing, show a woman’s mysterious Oriental carefree.

& other; I think I do film producer for the first time, will make a try. Take a sympathetic human story. Throughout the &; Deng said, always have a friend asked, what’s going on in China now? Has long been a western sense of the Chinese film only kung fu. Westerners, but China’s economy is getting better and better, also know that China is not only kung fu, there are some other life story.

they need to know is the modern China, the most attractive.

so deng as a independent filmmakers, buy the copyright, looking for investment, pick actor, team building, discussion, four years later, there is the “snow flower”.

film festival, although the murdochs not film circle, but the light of the couple, enough to cover as compassionate Hollywood actress Susan  The arrival of the Sarandon expressed.

the arm in arm in weak and media giants arms of woman, have sharp, angular features, was once a volleyball player, she has a sexy healthy body.

film, wendi life experiences as a dazzling, young and beautiful, smooth upper, marry, to outsiders, she set auger, one with no one, yi yi raw light.

may be jealous, perhaps inferiority, may be women’s curse, she, has been seen as a scheming woman model.

Her vanity fair

blend into the American society of deng, Tom & middot; His wife is her best friend, often and nicole & middot; Kidman shopping for tea. In the theme of “snow flower” private party, deng for wine is full, she called to the quartet guests, also want to stand in the middle of the stage, thanks.

at the edge of the party is Yan Yan, Mr Liu is not far and chief Hugo shong. Mrs. Hollywood celebrities and famous people all over the world, are gathered in this. Starring li bingbing interest is quite high, the night to tease wendi, in your arms I am two people lying on the table to take pictures together.

with wendi hobnobbing, originally is zhang ziyi. Because of zhang ziyi splash-ink door event, people will change the Angle of target, wendi to play fair.

her every move, people inevitably and various speculation began not to her. Because the media empire from guangzhou lady, with a personal experience with ordinary people.

wendi deng, was born in December 1968, shandong, followed by parents lived to the north jiangsu xuzhou.

& other; I am a girl, my mother and my family want to boy, so since I was born, they are very disappointed me. Throughout the &;

15 a person living alone in xuzhou high school life, she formed the independent personality. & other; In order to save trouble, sometimes cooked a big pot, eat a week, but enjoy it, didn’t feel what is bitter. Throughout the &;

in 1984, before entering guangzhou medical college, wendi parents themselves up & other; Deng & throughout; Changed to deng. And take a modern English name & other; Wendi” . With deng’s team of the students, according to the high school, deng said want to go to the United States.

in 1987, deng met Cherry couple traveled to guangzhou work. Nearly 50 years Cherry couple agreed this eager to improve my English girl, and successfully helped her to apply for, funding until she finish school. And major in the two years out of school of clinical medicine of deng, ready to travel to the United States.

of China in 1987, is in the first stirrings of opening to the outside world, deng window in guangzhou city, the miracle of economic opening and changes, the same also applies to the life with the pursuit of the girl. Perhaps in Cherry couple’s life, her vaguely see another life of hope.

starTV colleague said, with her Hong Kong wendi came a little clumsy, do not fully understand in how companies should be cautious and grace. But she & other; Refreshing, her body without some mainland with people on the arrogant manner & throughout; .

the way her life goal is destructive. Without a good family, distinguished background, in the 80 s girl, with outstanding communication ability and the desire for the unknown life, success will himself to the California coast of the United States.