Weng read bo Yang’s wife called low-key tsinghua deny special care

Internet pictures, a seemingly weng woman sitting in the classroom in class.

is Yang wife put forward by Hong Kong citizenship application classmate said its low-key

& other; School sister’s husband get the Nobel Prize, (I) a lot of pressure. Throughout the &; A net friend said, by shuimu tsinghua website Nobel physics prize winner Yang zhenning’s wife weng in the school of architecture, tsinghua university study for a doctorate.

tsinghua confirmed, weng in the school of architecture, tsinghua university PhD degree in architectural history. For because Mr Yang and weng have questions with special care, tsinghua university press center, and other Weng is the identity of Hong Kong residents to apply for PhD admission & throughout; .

& other; Looks super young & throughout;

& other; Wearing Nike shoes, jeans, clothes, bags are very simple, that is a low profile, tsinghua university freshman & ndash; & ndash; Weng. Throughout the &; Recently, a group of suspected classmates candid tsinghua architectural history of the picture of the freshman class weng in each big BBS and microblog.

renren said earlier weng posted photos, & other; And milk tea MM promoted by media in tsinghua, weng elder sister more low-key, class at that time no one when you introduce yourself to think over there, didn’t also a few people know her in class; Super make notes carefully, with general students points out completely; Although the age of 35, looks super young. Throughout the &; Weng in November 2004 and Yang zhenning engagement and early in the second year of marriage, she received a master’s degree of guangdong university of foreign studies translation before.

admitted to tsinghua university according to strict procedure

whether weng entering tsinghua university study for a doctorate in get special attention because of Yang’s question, tsinghua university, said an official with the news center of weng to the identity of Hong Kong residents to apply for PhD admission, tsinghua recruit sources of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan graduate student work in strict accordance with the procedures, apply to weng and other Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students has carried on the appraisal, examination after admission.

admitted to tsinghua university this year, a total of 132 graduate student in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including a doctoral candidate in 29. (Beijing)