West lake special jixian station collapsed due to strong wind shelter four people escape just in time (FIG.)

jixian pavilion at the top of the tugboat towed.

workers are fixed jixian pavilion at the top.

like jixian pavilion there are too many tourists. Good friends of the perturbation zhouhong1979 taken

reporter BaoYaFei Xu Lingchao ShiWen intern/wen our correspondent Wu Huang/taken

a storm was blowing hangzhou yesterday afternoon, thunder and lightning, the city was jarred the alarm.

more let a person not think, about 1 p.m. 15 points, the edge of a park jixian pavilion due to high winds crashing collapsed. Fortunately nobody was injured in the collapse of the pavilion, booth in four shelter from the rain in time to escape.

jixian pavilion, in zhejiang province in the qing dynasty governor li rebuilt juxian pavilion, south west lake renovation in 2002, the reconstruction to jixian pavilion.

although the storm duration is not long, but harm to the city.

according to the statistics, a total of the west lake scenic area in the high winds along the landscape tree fell down, and the health care crisis is most severe in lakeside areas. From hubin road to the south mountain, from the park to the mountains, surrounded by thick tree was more roots down, the west lake.

jixian pavilion the pour into the west lake, with only a spire

catch on the way to the jixian pavilion, the closer it gets to the west lake, the traffic congestion. Reporters rushed to stop running forward, broken branches all the way.

to a park, look, graceful jixian pavilion, has disappeared. Platforms, only jagged wood and stone, and surrounded by three times and busy line rescue workers.

pavilion has the pour into the west lake, there is only one spire reluctantly to show on the lake. Spire from original position more than 5 meters. Parked 4 boats on the lake near the platform, the workers are busy with the pavilion in the residual block or from the platform into the boat, or pulled out from the water, threw it into the dustbin of aside, near the boat also come over to help clean up the remains of jixian pavilion together.