Western began to accept alternative Chinese culture: the British real estate developers learning feng shui

in April this year, with the Chinese students to stay in the United States led to rape the debate between eastern and western cultural differences. From the student’s parents think & other; Spend money to settle & throughout; Charged to the prosecutors to & other; Cultural differences & throughout; As lenient to them, seems that some of China’s unique culture is gradually accepted by the west. Some people think that europeans and americans must come from the principles of business and the interests of judgment and tolerate some of the Chinese culture.

in the past, look in European and American countries, Chinese & other; Throughout the better &; And to do things go & other; Relations & throughout; And even force their children to study, loudly in public places, such as behavior and ways of thinking, is not acceptable & other; Alternative culture & throughout; . But now, the European and American people are actively or passively began to accept and even follow suit.

however, cultural differences at any time is not a & other; Master key & throughout; , as scholars of Germany in Yang says, east and west cultural difference is a big topic, to be respected in a foreign country, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and comply with local laws and regulations is very important.

Chinese gifts for other ethnic hated

Chinese students Tang Peng accused of Iowa city in the United States on March 29, citing rent into the murdered woman home for the implementation of kidnapping and rape. Don’s parents rushed to the United States in early April, because eager to save son, trying to get money to persuade the murdered woman changed for.

at first, the Iowa police to & other; Witness tampering, obstruction of justice & throughout; The arrest and prosecution of the couple. On the practice of the Chinese parents, most americans said & other; Couldn’t understand & throughout; , & other; It is foolish behaviour throughout the &; . & other; Dramatic & throughout; , local media reported on April 21, down couple charges have been dropped, and go through the formalities of the prison. The explanation is that the local prosecutors, although prosecutors have enough evidence to prosecute, but Chinese couple behavior involves & other; Cultural differences & throughout; , two people in do not recognise is violated.

about the case, a Chinese scholar living in the United States, told reporters that the matter seems to be cultural differences between China and the United States and other Save & throughout; Tang Peng parents, but in essence, does not show that the United States in the judicial process for this & other; Settle culture & throughout; Recognition, and the two countries are far not reached in cultural exchanges to the degree of mutual understanding.

however, the Chinese still tells a interesting phenomenon. At a public high school in Maryland, some Chinese English not very good for a cleaner treatment such as good jobs, from the gifts. Due to send the bigger, also led to other ethnic resentment of the applicant. But school officials know why Chinese employees gifts, so accept.

Spain businessmen to catch up with China & other; Relations & throughout;

sometimes also let Chinese culture difference between east and west to look. In 2006, a Chinese restaurant in Madrid from the sale of soft-shelled turtle was seized by the local police. The police think the turtle is the eu ban on eating & other Turtle & throughout; . At the time of trial, the lawyer argued that is imported from China & other; Fish & throughout; , not in the eu waters fishing & other Turtle & throughout; . Lawyers also said that the Chinese eat turtle has a history of one thousand years, this is China and the west diet culture difference. The prosecuting and defending parties in the Spanish judge lost the dispute is & other; Fish & throughout; Or & other; Turtle & throughout; , and finally the restaurant owner acquittal. Spanish media comments: & other; Chinese and western cultural differences make a Spanish police work. Throughout the &;

the unique Chinese culture and way of thinking sometimes can really accepted by westerners. In numerous Chinese and western cultural differences, more recognition is one of China’s & other; Work overtime culture & throughout; .

according to reports in Spain, Spain’s leading food companies MERCADONA boss at staff meetings recently admonished said: & other; I only ask you to learn some Chinese spirit of bear hardships and stand hard work, even if there are Chinese people half I also satisfied. Throughout the &; Related media comments, industrious and elements of Chinese culture is the most impressed Spain’s place.

in the United States and other Tiger mother throughout the warsong &; A discussion after the wind, the BBC has broadcast television documentary “the British & other Chinese tiger mother & throughout;” . The British media commented that if life is a race, & other; Tiger mother & throughout; Children wear cleats has started running, and in the competition of British children may just say goodbye to the diaper.

due to the children of Chinese immigrants are among the best learning often, UK media analysis, said the Chinese basic education quality is high, which contains Chinese cultural factors is of high expectations and pressure from parents. It is undeniable that more and more British parents began to imitate the Chinese family, give the child some tutors, please. Last year a British education charity, according to the survey, 23% of British students please tutor, the proportion was 5% higher than six years ago.

sometimes, European traders will be active up to understand & other; Differences between Chinese and western culture & throughout; Of course. Oriental culture research center at the university of Barcelona, Spain, & other Asia’s home & throughout; Often hold cultural institutions, such as lectures on Chinese culture, and to deal with China’s Spanish businessman & other; Make up a missed lesson & throughout; , of which the main content is to find out in the Chinese & other; Relations & throughout; The meaning of. Reporters also many times by the Spanish company please go to the lecture, introduce Chinese culture. In a machinery company in Spain as executives Julio said that originally he was confused as to what China & other; Relationship between culture & throughout; That just by the book, now just know have & other; Throughout the &; , the business is good.

the android credit insurance company, according to a report & other; Relations & throughout; Is the core of trade success in China. Westerners must learn to use the Chinese people and the way they do business to succeed. The company listing and even Chinese & other; Business rules & throughout; , for instance, ready to spend a lot of time, before the formal talk about business talk more things related to the family or the Chinese culture and history. In Germany, there are even a variety of Chinese cultural information company, help German companies to enter the Chinese market to understand the differences between Chinese and western culture. In class, the teacher will teach students how to and the Chinese people drink a toast and how to give gifts and so on.

to sell the real estate developers take the initiative to learn & other; Throughout the &;

Germany international media research institute, a China expert, luo Yang told reporters that in the identification of differences between Chinese and western culture, even the west started & other; Passive & throughout; , but as with China’s economic and cultural exchanges have become more frequent, China’s unique cultural habits or social strength to foreign countries, many people began to understand the cultural differences with China, and in the subconscious & other Take the initiative to accept & throughout; . The better understanding of China, will be more like Chinese culture. There are a lot of direct reasons behind this, such as to obtain the biggest profit in doing business with China.

as to meet the demand of Chinese buyers, the real estate developers began to take the initiative to learn & other; Feng shui & throughout; , when selling houses to avoid & other; 4 & throughout; This number. A British real estate developers said: & other; The Chinese to buy a house, money is not the problem, the feng shui have greatly exquisite. Throughout the &; BeiA is a Munich star hotel waiter, she tells a reporter, in order to retain Chinese guests, the hotel let employees learn some Chinese, put in the room of electric kettle. For some Chinese guests in the waste phenomenon, when to eat buffet hotel owners also let & other; Turn a blind eye & throughout; .

in addition, some western scholars and writers as well as reduce the great differences between Chinese and western culture. German writer francois & middot; Hauser has written a book called “everything is a mythical & ndash; & ndash; 20 popular Chinese misreading” book. The book refuted the German popular 20 & other; Throughout China misreading &; : such as & other; All the Chinese people eat dogs and cats & throughout; And so on. Germany Sinologist and economist chiral & middot; Geraldine ferraro, in the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung that europeans should respect China’s & other; Cultural differences & throughout; , don’t put their one-sided standards imposed on others.

planted in Chinese & other; Chinese culture & throughout; Also not unusual for

in a foreign country, don’t think & other Cultural differences & throughout; Is & other; Amulet & throughout; . When it comes to the cultural differences and cultural conflicts, people always think of movie called “gua sha”. According to tell a reporter, and the plot of “scrapping” description, he in Barcelona a person of hometown after scrapping therapy to the child, neck appear a few, last the school report to the police, said students mother abuse. Unfortunately, the court & other; Abuse & throughout; Set up, the hapless villagers was criminal detention 20 days, prohibition and children meet for 3 months. Journalists also when he held court as a witness to judge Chinese culture & other; Scrapping & throughout; History and curative effect, but the Spanish judge can’t understand it at all.

in Europe, Chinese & other; Money can do things & throughout; The idea of often go to the wall. Last march, Manchester, England a chinese-american woman 4 times have failed my driving test and in the fifth road test, she tried to give the examiner 500 pounds. Result examiner immediately suspend the examination and bribery took her to court. Chinese women at first also argue that the money is for the sake of & other; Good luck & throughout; And later admitted to trying & other; Bribery & throughout; The examiner. Court punish her for 50 hours of community service, and pay the examiner 100 pounds.

reporter when a friend in a festival to the boss a gift, but boss open gifts in front all employees, making & other; Implicit throughout the &; Chinese is a bit confused about what to do, thought luckily didn’t send too expensive, or left colleagues & other; Bribery & throughout; The impression of boss.

some & other; Alternative & throughout; Chinese culture has a lot of trouble to overseas Chinese. According to the method of law and economic association, vice President of China yong-sheng zhao, & other in Paris Chinatown & throughout; Had occurred more than once, overseas Chinese in the wedding were robbers robbed events. For the simple reason that Chinese used to carry cash in Paris, and will send the wedding & other; A red envelope & throughout; . Some of the rich merchant’s wedding banquet a closed up more than 50 euro cash! Some understanding to the characteristics of Chinese criminal gangs, only at the wedding banquet.

scholar of Germany in the young said, eastern and western cultural differences is a big topic, to be respected in a foreign country, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and comply with local laws and regulations is very important. Life in Germany, for example, Japanese secretly eat whale meat, love to drink in the middle of the night singing, etc., in German point of view, these are called & other; Japanese culture & throughout; The phenomenon is bad.

in Europe and the United States, the man about his girlfriend to date sushi, considered that has grade, but Japan & other; Eat whale culture & throughout; Always cannot be accepted by the west, Europe and the United States environmental protection organizations at to protest the Japanese whaling fleet by way of violence. Japanese writer cold spring akira he reminds Japanese nationals, represented by sushi Japanese culture in Europe and the United States is very hot, but & other; Eat whale culture & throughout; Is likely to cause the alienation of Europe and the United States people of Japanese culture, and to the popularization of Japan’s tourist industry and the anime culture.

Chinese living in the United States believe that americans tolerate some of the Chinese culture phenomenon is a choice, is to measure business and interests. Such as the United States of Chinese people in the store, talking loudly, the majority of the boss and the shop assistant will still smile. But in fact, for some Chinese people cut in line, such as noise in public places, americans are despised. According to global times