Westerners can’t stop Chinese mahjong (map)

a island, Thailand several foreigners are playing mahjong.

there is an old saying: China & other; Hemp, nine hundred million people and one hundred million in the observation. Throughout the &; The ancient games in overseas now, mahjong, acting as a foreigner into the game on the table.

November 28 to 30, the mahjong mahjong association hosted the first in North America. Westerners on the tables of all colors & other; “Throughout the &; Meanwhile, shuffling in growing reports & other; Eat, touch, poles, and throughout the &; Has the Chinese characteristic extremely mahjong terminology.

during his visit, the European mahjong association Tina & middot; Chris, he also revealed that mahjong is popular in Europe, European mahjong competition every year attracts more than 500 contestants. Netizens exclaimed, & other; Westerners cannot stop playing mahjong. Throughout the &;