“What” defeated the new dictionary Revision: language games

recently, the commercial press published “the modern Chinese dictionary” sixth edition. “Modern Chinese dictionary” since the first edition since its launch, many people become desk BiBeiShu. This revised edition, and have a lot of change, such as income nearly 3000 new words with other words and new meanings of supplement for more than 400, increase the vocabulary of more than 600, adjust a batch of article YiXingCi Lord vice, etc., but also includes a number of social hot words, network words, caused the wide attention of the society. Recently, the reporter is revised standard problems such as host jiang LanSheng interviewed this revision work.

new words included lag rather than advancing, revision must keep pace with The Times

reporter: “modern Chinese dictionary” with corrections to, whether it has formed a relatively mature revision principle?

LanSheng river: I understand the revision principles can be summarized as 16 words: academic, follow up time, implement the specification, system safety. Corrections to “modern Chinese dictionary”, including the recent launch of the sixth edition, are basically carried out in strict accordance with the principle. The 16 words is easy to understand, to be sure is perhaps after two sentences: & other; Specification & throughout; Is about positioning, positioning of “modern Chinese dictionary” is a normative language dictionary, it is for americans to use Chinese standard and scale; & other; System & throughout; Is method, the revision “modern Chinese dictionary” is not a sporadic, and often is a kind word, a kind of language use situation or problem, make unified investigation and study, and then systematically addressed; & other; Safe & throughout; Is about attitude, that is, for some have not qualitative, is still in the development and changes of the new words and new usage, we collected rather lag, also don’t advance. Can not change, temporarily do not change; Can not on, temporarily can’t do it.

reporter: when the language itself and the value orientation of the two conflict, how do you deal with?

LanSheng river: revision of the “modern Chinese dictionary” should take dictionary & other; Descriptive & throughout; With & other; Normative & throughout; Two major requirements. The so-called & other; Descriptive & throughout; , it is said it to today’s society changes, social existing on new things and new ideas to make records; The so-called & other; Normative & throughout; Word, it is said it should be a universal, mature curing, is conducive to and can guide the healthy development of social language. “Modern Chinese dictionary” and other; Normative & throughout; Considerations, some new meanings, is still in its growth and changing, or the moral judgment is not worth advocate, you can see a period of time, wait to see again is not late. Such as & other; Fans & throughout; The word already appear, but there is no charge, fifth edition to the sixth edition was added. This means I said just now & other; Safe & throughout; Attitude.

about sixth edition no charge & other; A man & throughout; , & other Leftover women & throughout; , there are different opinions on the Internet, we have enough attention. For the emergence of new network words, and not, when to accept, lexicographers is selective.

reporter: from the fifth edition to the sixth edition of today, just in time to 67, isn’t it too fast?

LanSheng river: some people say that fast, others say is slow. In my opinion, a revised in 67, is not fast. Mr Shuxiang said: & other; Who & lsquo; Modern & rsquo; Dictionary to keep up with The Times, constantly revised. Throughout the &; In the present era of rapid social development condition, the revision of the “modern Chinese dictionary” should keep pace with The Times, constant self-improvement.

67 years, not only have produced many new meanings of new words new usage, and academic research in the field of linguistics, lexicology, and other are also continuously made new achievements, all kinds of new knowledge constantly emerging, these all need timely reflected in the “modern Chinese dictionary”. For example, & other; Pluto & throughout; Is one of nine planets in the solar system before, but later day literary put it out, then we have to be in “modern Chinese dictionary” revised in time.

the pace of social development soon, revision of the dictionary will follow up in time.

the network language discrimination or hold up blindly, shall protect the purity of the mother tongue

reporter: network of new words, for example, what is the standard of you included? Why & other; Otaku & throughout; Can be selected, & other; What & throughout; But can’t?

jiang LanSheng: some network language is really a very expressive, such as & other; Home & throughout; , it is synonymous with & other Stay & throughout; , but & other; Curtilage at home & throughout; With & other; Stay at home & throughout; The feelings of the colour is not the same, & other; Home & throughout; Not only refers to not go out, but at home with some things the semantics of the inside, it’s & other; Stay & throughout; Do not. The parents said to the child & other; You stay at home writing homework today & throughout; And don’t say & other; You curtilage at home writing homework today & throughout; . So relative to & other; Stay & throughout; , & other; Home & throughout; To fill the gaps in Chinese word meaning, and has been widely used, so there is the value of the collection. & other; What & throughout; Is not the same, it is actually & other; What & throughout; Online, there is no difference, then with & other; What & throughout; , why to use & other; What & throughout; ? It also doesn’t conform to the principle of the economic principle of language with clarity.

in general, the network language is created by the masses, of course, is only part of the masses in use. I think for the network language, should be a respect and tolerant attitude, also don’t blindly hold lift not discrimination. But also want to see, the use of cyber language has a great deal of randomness, not normative, some words there are obvious defects and deficiencies, so included network new words must not be indiscriminate rashly. For example, we can consider whether it has the new Chinese meanings, is widely used, whether accepted by each social strata, is changing, and so on.

reporter: as a language scholar, what do you think of the language development of our society will present a trend? Do you have any Suggestions or remind?

LanSheng river: our language will be more and more rich, more sophisticated, more and more expressive, and update, will greatly accelerate the speed of growth. It has to do with our era environment. Since China’s reform and opening up, our foreign domestic exchanges have become more and more frequent, which makes our language acceptable to the influence of the language from abroad, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and the contact between Chinese dialect is unprecedented close, mutual reaction, these are very rich and development in the language. If it is a still pool, that will be the end of the language. So we can open up, bold absorb different language of good nutrition, to enhance the expressive force of their mother tongue.

however, now the society has a kind of contempt, game language unhealthy practices, this is alarming. Cherish ZiZhi to respect the ancients said, we should have at least maintain the consciousness of the native language purity and abide by the state language norms of consciousness. Former Harvard University President Charles & middot; Eliot once said: & other; An educated young men and women, only should have the qualities required is precise and elegant to use their own language. Throughout the &; I am in favor of the view that a person to love the motherland, starting from the respect of native language in the first place.

reporter zhang jian