When cao wei ji kang RuanKan debate feng shui problems: good or ill luck and not in house

is the most important one of the beliefs of the ancient Chinese society, its influence is not only reflected in the lives of ordinary citizens, but also to ideas of scholars has a deep influence. From another perspective, the attitude of the gentry, concepts and positions, and directly shape the development of the feng shui of trajectory and historical form of the belief of feng shui. Cao wei, ji kang to celebrities and RuanKan once & other; House is no good or ill luck & throughout; An intense debate. The so-called & other; House is no good or ill luck & throughout; Is the discussion of feng shui really can determine or influence family of individuals, families, and even the fate of the country. Ji kang and RuanKan this discussion, it is the first in the history of Chinese system debate about feng shui, feng shui belief in ancient China development trend has very important influence.

scholars’ attention to the problems of feng shui, always with the history of the development, evolution of the feng shui. As early as infancy of feng shui, have they put forward the criticism and negation. “Zuo & middot; zhao male three years” referred to in this load & other The house is ab & throughout; Is one of the earliest examples. Into the han period, the feng shui and Confucian filial piety and social lights, wind, makes the market surge, religion class also gradually move up, feng shui has become a social common faith, this caused some of the philistines. The social critical thoughts main representative of the eastern han dynasty wang chong and philosophic, had rejected to feng shui. While this argument is just a lack of depth of spontaneous reflection, but they have put forward & other; Good or ill luck and not house & throughout; The proposition, as cao ji kang wei period, RuanKan debate. & other; Good or ill luck and not house & throughout; By Ji, nguyen gives a new connotation, become one of the important proposition of wei-jin metaphysics.

it is well known that feng shui is about staying in, burial in the construction of the tomb, a number of surgery and avoid disaster, it comes from people’s psychological need to fate prediction and adjustment. Therefore, to believe in feng shui people, this is not a pure art number problem, but it is a need to rise to the theory of high & other; Fate & throughout; The problem. In view of the feng shui belief social prevailing at that time, RuanKan firstly analyses the subjective reason. He believes that people will & other; The fortunes of life of die & throughout; In & other; Ataka, bury & throughout; Such as a variety of geomancy taboo, because people will not be able to grasp the life & other; The fortunes of life of die & throughout; The real reason, because & other; See life & throughout; , don’t know & other; Throughout life natural &; , & other; Ask amiss & throughout; . In RuanKan view, life is the life of their poor all depends on the nature & people adhering to the other; Throughout life &; , and through the skeleton faces show the external & other; Phase throughout life &; That what he called a & other; All things, all things, who had nothing but life also. Throughout the &; Life is all made up & other; Throughout life &; Determined by the fortunes of the established, human can’t change, the so-called & other; Disaster may not be wise escape, f can not force. Throughout the &; Since man’s fate is determined by & other; Phase throughout life &; , the residential, burial tomb of taboo nature there would be no meaning. & other; Three fairs & throughout; Housing is not auspicious, but for ordinary people to live, does not make it become & other; Three fairs & throughout; .

in & other; Throughout life natural &; Theory basis, RuanKan also criticize the & other; Sound & throughout; , & other Time & throughout; Such as the good or ill luck deduction method. , he said, the good or ill luck is like a hunter went out hunting, bush or met tiger, or birds. For a hunter, encounter the tiger is fierce, encounter birds for, and this and things, such as backward position, there is no relationship. Residential or bury land environment and azimuth is certain, not because of the change of the five elements change, so, through the good or ill luck of azimuth, determined by these methods, are not reliable, the good or ill luck depends mainly on & other; Fuld & throughout; And & other Punishment for & throughout; .

it should be pointed out that, RuanKan on the one hand, adhere to & other; Throughout life natural &; Say, think & other; House is no good or ill luck & throughout; , but he also thought & other; Curtilage tomb & throughout; Although cannot decide good or ill luck, but it can be divination, predict good or ill luck. That is to say, RuanKan & other; House is no good or ill luck & throughout; Feng shui theory is not the complete negation, his recognition and acceptance, have the ability to predict good or ill luck, feng shui and denied it can change the fate of the function, that is what he called & other; It can know good or ill luck, but not for good or ill luck & throughout; .

for RuanKan idea, ji kang points out its first & other; Throughout life natural &; Said of a paradox. Since RuanKan negative effect on the fortunes of life force, ji kang asked, is born in Tang Yu war people are destined to live longer? And the battle of changping was abusing foot soldiers are destined to die? If you really like RuanKan puts it, & other; Good or ill luck, calm, do not goes on throughout the &; , so the ancients says & other The home of the ill, there will be a yuqing & throughout; , & other Shoe letter shun, since the day of the archilife & throughout; What is the point? Ji kang is pressed by the problem of the relationship between the moral and fate. Historically, all pure life, necessarily against morality. And this kind of the moral life, does not see more in history. Therefore, both in Taoism, Confucianism moral should be brought into the theory of fate, Lao tze said & other; Heaven hath nothing, often with good & throughout; , “the doctrine of the mean” said & other; Life not in often, only the tao is throughout the &; , the so-called in the zhouyi & other; The home of the ill, there will be a yuqing; Bad product house, will be more bullet & throughout; , they are endowed with moral to adjust the action of fate. Therefore, ji kang asked caught RuanKan & other; Throughout life natural &; , said the self contradiction of RuanKan cannot publicly denied & other; Moral & throughout; The adjustment role of fate, because it is a basic consensus of human society, is of no doubt. Since moral can adjust people’s fate, so, so when the burial tomb habitat home, this is ji kang debate logic.

in ji kang’s view, RuanKan denied & other; Sound is curtilage method & throughout; Is not understand & other; The palace quotient principle & throughout; . According to person’s last name has the palace, shang, horn, indications, feather of the genus, voice and tone respectively belong to gold, wood, water, fire, soil five line. Of the gas phase is auspicious, the phase grams is fierce, people, all have the same properties, the sympathies, simultaneous corresponding is the fundamental laws of nature, therefore, with this induction to infer, the tomb burial place for good or ill luck, habitat home in ji kang is completely accord with the theory of Yin and Yang, five elements.

to RuanKan like divination, habitat home can & other; Know the good or ill luck & throughout; Not & other; For good or ill luck & throughout; Say, ji kang also. That house, he thought, and all have the ability to predict the augury, on the surface, it is similar, but in fact is not the same: the good or ill luck of augury when no fixed depend on the specific physical objects, it is uncertain to & other; Treat and should & throughout; ; And that house is not the case, it is the good or ill luck of deduction according to the shape of existing of the habitat home, physical object is certain, the good or ill luck is derived from both the & other; Curtilage phase & throughout; . According to augury, therefore, can predict good or ill luck, not & other; For good or ill luck & throughout; , and feng shui is not, not only can be concluded that the good or ill luck, but also can & other; For good or ill luck & throughout; That changes the destiny of man.

ji kang is put forward in the debate & other; Curtilage other hand & throughout; Thought, the so-called & other; Curtilage other hand & throughout; Refers to the relationship, feng shui and fate of a person’s turbid is dominated by fate or by a feng shui master? Or to both? According to, & other; Can ChengFu believe curtilage, alone, but “the gentleman has both talent and its habitat, complex along the world, but the flyweight. Throughout the &; Here, he is the first to admit that staying in good or ill luck is not the only factor in determining that person’s a person turbid, turbid is staying in and virtuous person, moral factors such as the result of joint action, like farm, want to get good harvest, not only should have fertile land, also must have good farmers art, fertile soil and hard work be short of one cannot. As a result, ji kang said finally, & other; I afraid to arbitrary, into not descend to ABU phase, no good or ill luck also dare not call back home. Throughout the &;

between ji kang and RuanKan about & other; House is no good or ill luck & throughout; Debate, is the social public feng shui belief swelling reflect a necessity in the field of ideology and culture. So, how to treat the debate between ji kang and RuanKan? The debate between them is the differences of faith, or is the differences of thought? Whether we can conclude that RuanKan rationality, progress, and attained the superstitious, backward? Obviously not, RuanKan holds the fate of the rational & other; Natural & throughout; Theory, against the spirits, five lines of determinism, but this & other; Natural & throughout; The connotation of it’s the most mysterious & other; Phase throughout life &; , actually sunk into a kind of fatalism; According to grasp life is a special form of gas, is not ultimately decide the fate of human power, therefore, in front of fate, people as long as the efforts will be able to change destiny. But he will live in a variety of be particular about feng shui as people a positive subjective efforts, as the efficient way that change your fate, to the fate of the positive theory based on the mysterious geomancy belief, in terms of results, is certainly getting blood from a stone.

(the author zhang all units: China renmin university college)