When was the indispensable etiquette props: worship complex imperial power


port yokohama, Japan open period chukagai (1859), when the breeze. Yokohama port open archive yokohama chukagai 150 “

to twenty-two years (1896), leading to Europe and the United States, when the has become the indispensable yili props: & other; Not early, high packet jie when the flag and the first imperial commissioner, exhibition round out of clothing. The battery and the warship of Chinese and western, and also a total of cannon fire off. A wisp of smoke, hence besides refers to Hong Kong. Throughout the &; The first stop in st Petersburg, & other; The train had stopped, the Chinese embassy in Moscow in the attache, a total of only meet in the way to the left. The Beijing Yin first station hung flags, and musicians and soldiers throughout the objects stay &; . Li hongzhang, however, not the official hotel, but to live in a rich merchant called bolles auxiliary. The rich merchant in building his house on his forehead, hang a picture of li hongzhang, high & other; Into the hall, the walls are hung Chinese flag of the qing dynasty, hung Windows barrier between all the words, and all the auspicious blessing prayer language. Throughout the &; (such as Cai Erkang: “li hongzhang through Europe and the United States’ employed) and no matter what li’s trip, at least, to the end of the 19th century, the late, whether public or private occasions when the has been widely recognized by international society and use.

when the commercial: business cover up business

triangle flag of the qing dynasty, bright color, shape, special, very easy to recognize. Businessman is probably the earliest acutely aware when & other; Intangible assets & throughout; A group. As early as in the great qing empire officials themselves haven’t realized when the symbolism, some sell products in China have begun to use when advertising. Zhang Deyi with make a trip to the west the nations for the first time found that some businessmen in order to identify goods origin, often when the suspension, to attract. Word on May 18, five years (June 30, 1866), Zhang Deyi people visit the zoo in the Netherlands, & other; The Lord about drinking sixth action, suddenly see one upstairs qing when, namely to the view. Building in the middle and Oriental islands crops, all goods, without us unprepared. Throughout the &; (Zhang Deyi: the navigation above odd)

was just the qing navy officer with the triangle when, in the context of the abroad, being used in the businessman this happened immediately the function of the structural transformation, into the origin, distinguish between national symbols.

for zhang xun restoration period, Beijing Huang Longman signs. Antell born “dragon and foreign devil”, 1927,

in 1868, Zhang Deyi again to make a trip to the west the nations, in Boston, there are local officials to meet, to travel around in the city, & other; Is citigroup, all the way with vertical yellow ones in China. Have to take Chinese umbrella, shake middle-earth embroidered silks and satins, any some shall China content, dazzle of all things. Too many people along the way, have the fence across the ridge, the ladder climbing tree & throughout; . Seventh day (August 24) to Cambridge, local officials to greet, & other; Car outdated man bareheaded, woman rolled towel, group call to celebrate. More women float inside, throwing flowers tied depicting book & lsquo; To celebrate the Chinese & rsquo; Four words. Amble dozens to the synagogue and in the front of the court to hang qing, when hung plaques, wen yue & lsquo; Comfort at the celebration & rsquo; . Throughout the &; (Zhang Deyi: Europe and the United States. (to narrate strange))