When young couples kissing in public on bus driver to stop abuse (figure)

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& have spent comics: the bus embarrassed events

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yesterday, a pair of young couples kissing on cotton in 82 bus, the conductor to dissuade, but only to insults and threats by young men. Rude words and deeds for young men, some of the bus passengers suggest call 110, some passengers are filmed, say to want to bask in the Internet & hellip; & hellip; Listen to and the, two people hurried out of the car.

yesterday morning, driving chiu-yen Yang 82 bus came up a pair of young men and women, two people sitting in a seat, first hug, then man hug kiss a girl.

& other; There are a lot of empty seats, they are still cuddle on a seat warm and affectionate. I warned them buses are public places, let them pay attention to some words and deeds. Throughout the &; Yang commander said, only to find young man scold her meddling, after her patient explanation, the other party still rakes, even beat her.

passengers said Mr. Young, young men rude behavior to make the passengers very angry, it is suggested that call 110 for police education education, while others use their cell phones they move, said to be posted online in & hellip; & hellip; When he heard that were taken, young men scared silence immediately, the two people hurried out of the car.

affectionate kiss on the bus, you see how?


zhou: this is a low quality, no respect for others, should be condemned, proposed to the second sex video posted online exposure, let everybody to judge.

lau: young man sex itself is not wrong, wrong just places. Young people should behave better, this is respect for others, is respect for yourself.

a young men: the somebody else affectionate also didn’t hurt anyone, don’t break the law, too not good-looking can watch, it is not necessary to prevent, more shouldn’t surf the Internet to blackmail.

82 bus belongs to the relevant person in charge of zhengzhou city bus three companies: kissing, around a car belongs to a kind of uncivilized behavior, according to the zhengzhou city public traffic vehicles on rules, specified in article 3 of the passengers on the city’s public transportation vehicles, should observe social ethics, pay attention to polite & hellip; & hellip; For passengers in the car inside the uncivilized behavior in public places, the conductor have the right to dissuade him. The passengers said, will both sex video posted online, is not desirable.


the basic henan lawyers LingXing high: according to the traditional Chinese moral civilization, intimacy is indeed not civilized behavior, on the bus conductor shall have the right to stop. Someone is offered to the second sex video posted online, this is no invasion of privacy. Because they deliberately exposed intimate scenes in public places, in a sense can be regarded as they would like to open this warm and affectionate, don’t think it’s privacy.

there is also a lawyer disagreed: two people kiss didn’t break the law, if the others without the images or video online, without its consent, has actually been infringement, is violate the privacy rights of the other party and image rights.