While hiking in 300 online shops selling into 9 stole from five years ago (FIG.)

16 days afternoon, staff to confirm stone tower.

bump personnel were carried away stone tower crane.

reporter Wu Jinbiao

5 years ago, liaocheng gaotang county municipal key protected cultural relics hidden temples of the ancient stone tower in overnight nowhere, five years later suddenly was publicly selling online, physical location to qufu an antique market.

in order to recover stolen pagodas, 15, 16, two days, reporters follow gaotang, qufu in cultural relics, the public security department of the tower & other; Throughout the entire track &; And, ultimately, on 16th afternoon will tower & other; Save & throughout; .

nearly 300 – year – old pagoda was selling online

14th night, a friend to turn to the QQ information excited Texas collect lover to Mr. Tang. His friends in a group called & other; Shengshi collection & throughout; A stone tower was found in web BBS peddles publicly, photo shows the stone tower modeling beautiful, exquisite production, currently in qufu city a stone carving of the museum.

& other; This is not a gaotang shui stone pagoda temple? Throughout the &; Have a special liking to stone tower in the tang was in December 2006 to gaotang visited the hidden stone pagoda temple there. Took out the photos one, Mr. Tang, found that the shape, scale and defect of both side was on all fours.

tang know, shui guan stone tower is made in the qing dynasty years, has more than 270 years ago. The tower is listed as key protection of cultural relics, liaocheng but stolen in 2007.

stolen stone found! 15, early in the morning, Mr. Tang dialed the telephone of liaocheng city administration of cultural heritage.

15, at noon, in shandong province administration supervision law enforcement office, the reporter met Mr. Tang. According to introducing, hidden stone pagoda temple is lost, in March 2007 after the local bump department of hebei, shandong and looking for more, but found nothing.

& other; After the comparison, while hiking in the online sale may be five years ago lost hidden stone pagoda temple. Throughout the &; Provincial cultural relics bureau staff said, the provincial cultural relics departments of administration of cultural heritage require gaotang, qufu, cooperate with public security organs, the stolen cultural relics back as soon as possible.

bump people posing as buyers stone pavilion offered 150000

15 afternoon, the reporter drove qufu together with Mr. Tang. At 7 PM on the day, the reporter a line to find trade city, Confucius turned more than half an hour, finally in a company called & other; Kyushu stone pavilion & throughout; Meet in front of the shop in the stone tower 3.6 meters high. So as not to startle, the reporter a line to leave after confirm the location. 16 more than eight o ‘clock in the morning, reporters once again came to the city, see the stone towers still stood there, hanging heart down temporarily.

16 morning, gaotang county public security bureau and the bureau of culture relics workers arrived at the qufu, and qufu administration bureau of public security bureau, has carried on the butt and negotiation. Later, two policemen wear undercover on the surrounding situation has carried on the screen, and then by two of the gaotang cultural relics department staff for the on-site visit.

at 2 PM on the day, two workers dressed as buyers into the stone pavilion. & other; 150000, you can see, good things! Throughout the &; The clerk said, offer. In bargaining, the workers to confirm again, the stone is lost 5 years ago stone pagoda of the municipal key protected cultural relics hidden temples.

stone tower in return the owner faces public security review

16 at 4 PM, gaotang, qufu in departments of public security, cultural relics decided to Confucius’ business and the raided the merchants of the city.

& other; To control the cultural relic, give priority to ensure the safety of cultural relics. Throughout the &; Gaotang Interpol brigade a squadron mid-team leader Sun Ji implies. At 5 PM, two police cars carrying six plainclothes policeman came to the Confucius business trade city jiuzhou stone pavilion. After you get off, civilian police immediately placed in outside stone tower control. Unfortunately, the owner is not in the store, call the police several times, but always can’t get through.

gaotang Wen Guangxin bureau and relics’ management center staff out of the original stone rubbings, according to physical check. & other; Yes, that’s it! Throughout the &;

& other; In three or four years here, we don’t know if it is cultural relics. Throughout the &; According to a person familiar with the owner of people, this stone is a stone carving museum owner spend twenty-six thousand to buy a few years ago.

police say they will continue to review to the owner in the buying and selling of cultural relics, in order to determine how the stone tower is stolen and into the market.

& other; Today night you back to gaotang. Throughout the &; After police completed attachment procedures, gaotang county cultural relics department staff to crane, will be carrying, 3.6 meters high mounds of trying to get it to return home as soon as possible.

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apart stolen stone pagoda tower will be nine away

, the villagers Jia Changyou recalls, early spring, five years ago, a selling antique south businessmen to looked at the stone tower in the village, the pictures and its characters, the next day, two men in the village to see pagodas. After less than a week, stone tower is mysteriously disappeared.

& other; Blowing wind that night, the day is cold, people play patrolled the stone pagoda from hundreds of meters of the bridge, he heard & lsquo; Crash & rsquo; 1, at that time, also didn’t think much, who thought of that tower composed of the day! Throughout the &; The villagers said yue with river.

according to describe yue with river, Lao stone tower 3.6 meters, is divided into nine layers, each layer carved from a piece of stone, the middle used to wear a thick iron bar, the shape of each layer, the design is different, there are drum shape, square block, star anise, the tower as the gourd shape, surface pattern have flowers and plants, people, animals, etc.

& other; Stone tower lost before, often have archaeological experts, drove the car to antique collectors watch tower in the village, the extension of word back to research on the surface of the tower, there are people living in the village for several days. Throughout the &; Jia Changyou said.

stone tower after the loss, gaotang police at the scene found the wheel imprinting, and speculation of stolen tower tower into nine pieces, with DePaiChe partial away. & other; When rolling down a large wheat. Throughout the &; Yue said with river.

it is understood that in the spring of 1989, yucheng county, jia tower village, the villagers had left stone tower top (top of gourd) lift, be YueTang village after his recovery, and was pulled down in 1993. & other; Have been stolen, but failed. Throughout the &; The villagers said. Our reporter Liu Ming intern Wen-juan hu


stone tower, built in qianlong years, is & other; Throughout the treasure of county-rural &;

YueTang in gaotang solid river town village, the villagers said stone tower for monks. Stone was originally made in village, southeast of the field, lost over the years, the original put point has planted corn, no traces of the stone tower existed, even in those days gaotang county government protection of cultural relics to the stone tablet has disappeared.

& other; The monk tower is the treasure of county-rural, when I was a child often play with friends around the tower to the ground. Throughout the &; This year has 46 Jia Changyou said.

the stone tower in long history, the recorded calls the stone pagoda was built in the qing dynasty, written in gaotang, yongzheng and qianlong years hidden temples, the place such as white temples monks practice. Stone carving stone tower in the fifth has also have a clear record: in zhuang ji had grandmaster haze red tower weng, qing qianlong four years were already at the end of October 15th.

according to the old man in the village, from white temple is a place where a nun practice, then the gate collapsed, with monks living here. White temples of grave by Taoist cultivation, also has a white hall, the former was demolished in the early liberation of the hall, after hall and compound spring was demolished in 1962. So far, only a stone tower stands alone in the field.

gaotang county cultural relics department, shui stone pagoda temple embodies the Buddhism was introduced into China after the promoting effect of ancient Chinese architecture art, the study of ancient buddhist in gaotang region have great reference value. According to introducing, the stone is key protected cultural relics, liaocheng & other; Lost before, we are to apply for the provincial key protected cultural relics. Throughout the &;

our reporter Liu Ming IfengLogo Wu Jinbiao