Who’s the woman is worse than her CiAn sudden death affect the qing dynasty

word eight years (1869) in August, he borrow jiangnan with dragon clothes, for to be seen. , along the way, his big Zhang Longqi mighty, along the way for supplies wholesale, even called the rulers of the city. Self-reliance have this tough backer, ignore the full chao wenwu, especially will & other; The eunuch may not be out of the palace & throughout; The iron law of forgotten. Result played in shandong governor ding baozhen, although she is interested in favour, but CiAn & other; One of main crop & throughout; . In one’s hand up and down, all applaud. Cixi again love dearly, also did not dare to defy justly alone, even dare not fight tyger ZuXun. Not to let little things don’t care, principle, which is CiAn.

“sinocalamus affinis delay clear figure”

in the history of the late qing dynasty, there is a has been neglected and really can’t ignore the role of, she is and she jointly administered after DongTai CiAn.

in people’s impression, CiAn figure seems to be dispensable, her presence as if is a mistake, she’s running is more like the empress dowager cixi a prop, is up to the role of a sympathetic and poor. In fact, this is a deadly misreading. She is a really have great wisdom, it’s a pity that prime is abrupt departure, if not CiAn premature death, perhaps in late qing dynasty of Chinese history will be another face.

prime minister harem

gribouille long

CiAn NiuHu lu’s, manchuria we have got rich people. After the 16th annual revenues palace was sealed for wives, in more than four months time, at the speed of rockets, the queen’s presidency, this in the qing dynasty is very rare. This is from one side to prove CiAn in appearance, temperament, or accomplishment, personality, are all outstanding. From then on, began CiAn prime minister temple, mother and all the career. The harem gathered many top grade woman, it was hard to manage this group? No wind wave to within three feet, the ground will be born. The deposed queen in the history of countless, pulled by halves, but CiAn has the last laugh.

xianfeng emperor ti tang, romantic sentimental, to what woman he is in focus is almost impossible, even means anyone that she, too, only queen CiAn is an exception, until the death of heshen gribouille long, less than their mind gully is obvious. History says her: & other; Prime asset throughout the xian &; . I’m afraid of this evaluation had the answer. As a harem, a great deal of power, also has the duty to manage the royal backyard. Let the emperor’s woman & other; To live and work in peace and contentment & throughout; Nor even in-fighting, chicken fly a dog to jump. Even if & other; Swords & throughout; , also not smoke; More not all day long, earthquake there. This requires that the queen has a strong management level and effective treatment and the concubines, and husband, the emperor, the ability of the complex relationship. These are not enough, she is an example of the temple and all the women. At that time, it’s a woman, woman, woman, especially for women, is very demanding. In a word, is to the woman character noble, the emperor of women more than ordinary woman, the queen, is especially must add a & other; More & throughout; Words, can sincerely convinced her people lead the world. And CiAn is obviously good, & other; Jane & throughout; For & other; Throughout the &; And for & other; Set throughout the &; . Determined, stick to the truth, loyal, ling to attack the cream. & other; Throughout the xian &; For the elegant, beautiful, quiet. No ambition, don’t see a bit of jealousy, just do what you should do, don’t cross the half step. This image will have which refuses to accept? Who would not happy? As a result, she has been widely respected, including the emperor.

in order to avoid turneth the edge of British and French invaders, xianfeng emperor expatriates in jehol summer resort, worry annoyed, cannot send, often vented his spleen on the eunuch, ladies around people. CiAn on the one hand, to understand and concern her husband’s heart, to the tender feelings that be like comfort KuanXie from time to time. On the other hand to the innocent servant, to politely comfort. & other; Concubines I blame, at the palace in the mediation, spin throughout grace & as soon as possible; . Xianfeng emperor to see the good land of misery, and unable to change that exists, but under on the masochistic muddle along. He written & other; And about the man & throughout; This four word to hang in bedroom inside. Secretary and concubines were not so, but only worry in my heart, no one dared to cut. Only CiAn urged not after heard this matter, and ordered to remove the words, the queen’s admonition emperor slowly to calm down.

heshen age is not big, but all deep, even hard to get that one side bosom minister. Jehol lay dying, only queen CiAnZhao to nearby, grant council to give her the occasion requires the disposal of anyone in particular may & other A child at illegal & throughout; The highest power of the empress dowager cixi. And give the queen & other; Royal reward & throughout; Printing, in addition, to give his oldest load chun & other Fellow hall & throughout; Seal (by biological mother empress dowager cixi to charge). The desire of life minister eight cover any hair order please & other Royal reward & throughout; And & other Fellow hall & throughout; The seal is valid. After the emperor, between trust and understanding.

CiAn did when such trust, she mentioned problem, also is the national big problem in the future. Prepared according to the national news by “load: & other; The queen into yue: & lsquo; St driving with a spade a spade, pivot domain can lean on in the office? & rsquo; Emperor conducted, book & lsquo; Rocky & rsquo; The word below. And then said: & lsquo; Big brother rushed, when Canon, encore no temple? & rsquo; Emperor eye closure thoughtfully for a long time, xu jing mei yue: & lsquo; The yi. & rsquo; Urgent need WoRen. WoRen when placed in xinjiang for yel qiang, deputy secretary. Emperor collapse and this hair called back to Beijing, read my life. Rocky is brought military aircraft, mithcah lean on. Books and acceded to the throne, after the statue for CiAn, yue DongTai number after; Biological mother for the empress dowager cixi, yue after the western Pacific. CiAn wise, empress dowager cixi jing min rao wit, two concentric DE. Rocky is quoted Li Tangjie and knot huan (again, so the early years of the development of political confusion is missing. CiAn collapse after a few years more become chancellor of the exchequer, and two years beginning XingYuan worker. Throughout the &; The fbi, prince, is the cornerstone of political situation. CiAn word, that is, seize the core, to the point, its political mind and military strategy eventful.