Why ancient DORA shotgun? Parents don’t want to daughter entered the palace for sexual slavery

caused by rumors of & other; Shotgun with & throughout; Is ridiculous, but the deeper reason lies in the autocratic imperial power of tyranny.

marrying in Chinese tradition, never is male and female, not the other way around. Woman asks the man if have, also just individual phenomenon, and will only be in the dark, or pull lang as worthy, strong marry to man, for a woman, would be much self-contempt, the world will see such women as unwanted & other; Bitch & throughout; . In ancient China, however, that was too much up & other Shotgun with & throughout; Events.

the earliest & other; Shotgun with & throughout; In the yuan dynasty, this is must pull lang together with the nature of the event. TaoZongYi plow recorded “dropping out” south village, yuan yuan for three years, folk rumor said that the court will be selecting virgins, gave the tatar nobles in the north as the handmaiden, and require parents to send for delivery to the north. News spread, & other; From the central plains to the south of jiang, and scrap the village, every product officer of ordinary people, but there is more than 12 men and women, for marriage. Neither six courtesy, slice speech to the & throughout; . Some large house with local officials, for fear of huang life instantly, doomed their daughter, her face and secular indispensable marriage etiquette, don’t stay sedan to meet, then walk in a hurry to send daughter to marry.

rumors spread more than ten days later, people gradually understand, the so-called acquisition, the original is only a rumor, but what is done cannot be undone, it is too late, & other; After the distinction between, between the rich and the poor, his birthright, shes ugly, matching of not neat, the threat of hatred. To abandon or husband and wife, hated her husband or wife, or litigation to the officer, or die from dead. There is a world of change, from the ancient not smell also & throughout; . & other; Marry a chicken with chicken, married dog follows dog & throughout; , this is the Chinese for thousands of years of marriage, no matter how men and women both parties do not match, for most people, what’s done is done, if you want to change is not possible, feudal moral constraints on their concomitant life from now on, grow old together.

Wu Zhongyou a monk named ZuBo wrote a poem sneered at it: & other; A letter to Dan not is true, the three glasses of wine and of their marriage. Night moon LouTou, but Heng moths don’t marry. Throughout the &; This poem satirize the hasty marriage, funny, but people will be wholly to blame for this phenomenon of credulous, biased to manage, can only be used as a playful look.

in the Ming dynasty, the real & other Shotgun with & throughout; Twice. The first time in two years longqing, this is a scope is very wide, large lead to civil unrest, as well as records also more events, in later in detail. The second time took place in the first year of the apocalypse, when folk myth court eunuch to selecting young woman filling GongE provinces. Rumors spread, lane between panic immediately, according to the address as reference 徐复祚 flowers when cabinet 丛谈 records: & other; Another folk rushed to marriage, each service, don’t ask, don’t a good base, only to have her husband for her love. Throughout the &;

after the government knows this, neither the truth, also for this kind of careless marry without discouraging. This & other; Shotgun with & throughout; Wind, lasted two months to sputter. Previously, the folk have & other; Wanli 49 base such as dogs, woman & throughout; The rumours. 48 year of the reign of emperor wanli, its TaiChang emperor in a month, only then the emperor is the apocalypse, calculate, this is the wanli forty-nine years. So in ordinary people’s view, it should be the acquisition of urban legends and proverbs one plus correspondence, let people have to believe it’s god’s will.

in the qing dynasty’s & other; Shotgun with & throughout; Occurred in shunzhi, the two dynasties. In history, according to the precise Ye Mengzhu “see the world make up five years, shunzhi folk myth court will acquisition into the palace of the girls. After rumors spread, & other; Urban and rural areas have a woman’s home, marriage, regardless of age, don’t choose the family, the GengTie, married late. To run a best musicians, overwhelmed, from early to sunset, within a few days, nothing more than good day, Yin and Yang are taboo, just do not speak. Throughout the &; Marriage marry this is life, but at that time, a woman’s home has been too busy to take care of each other’s age, ancestry, and choose a good day, try to daughter married to live to worry, as soon as possible become the people’s top priority, visible form of a panic.

shunzhi 13 years, a similar scene from happening again. According to qing dong contains the three okada consciousnesses “slightly” records, folk suddenly breakdown and click on the color female imperial court at that time, a human is hard, & other; Great river north and south, with up to two more, whatever shes ugly, all in a few days I, drumming lanterns, bustling and crowded roads & throughout; . Chaos and should have happened a few female for a male, who scooped persecuted man on the way, and his daughter is married. Some young widow, had a feast of younger, heard that court click on the color female, thought that will be so hurt themselves, to marry again. Straight an old Confucianism, and has a pair of twin daughters, grow, and as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade and ink, click on the color of the female thing came after the old Confucianism, panic, hastily between them in a hurry to marry out, the results were soon because of illness. Marital disharmony or don’t have a reason, now can’t say clear, and more can’t say, is the daughter’s death brought the old Confucian deep remorse and endless pain.

kangxi thirty-one years winter, folk and selecting XiuNv myth dynasty, qing ChuRenHuo account in the strengthening of panhu e set, said at the time & other City of brainwashing FenRan marry, sedan street, advocating grate on one’s ears & throughout; . Have a funny life wrote two words to describe the situation, one said: & other; Xian in heavy people suspected interpretation. Spent a dowry excuse in a hurry, no dowry getting hastily. Feeling gratitude women marry men married, to tired tomorrow. The suitcase JingTong, high price best. Palm statecraft again pursue, called chaperon search. Looks like festival of qiu dong, midwife busy presses. Throughout the &; Because of the urgent things out suddenly, & other; With the appearance of the whole error optimum troublemakers & throughout; Situation has happened more, until understood, uncooked rice to cook mature rice already, all cannot be redeemed, parents can’t think of remedial method, and the daughter only sad tears secretly swallow into the belly.