Why can’t people women? Related to avoid “scoop up ashes” sexual taboos gender discrimination

New Year figure

ancient people figure

New Year’s day, it is the most happy day. But in ancient times, is also one of the most taboo, especially women Chinese New Year, there are many more taboo.

why women don’t people?

women in ancient Chinese New Year taboo from off-year, namely lunar & other People day & throughout; , began.

kitchen sacrifice custom exist everywhere in China, belongs to the legal provisions of the state in the pre-qin period & other; Five si & throughout; One of one thousand & other; Kitchen & throughout; To tell the jade emperor there on black, it would be in trouble. So, every family attaches great importance to people in the past, hope of kitchen & other; God said good, lower safety & throughout; And in a variety of ways & other; Bribery & throughout; Kitchen god, make him happy the buddhist paradise & other; Report & throughout; .

the date on which the people around is uncertain, but the twelfth month, ErShiSiLiangTian give priority to, the so-called & other; Yue four & throughout; , there are a few places and people, such as the boat is 25 people, this is & other; Officer, three people throughout four ships five &; Was quoted as saying on Monday. According to the Ming dynasty “, Beijing, China, from Beijing more than in 23 & other; The 2nd kitchen & throughout; , which related to emperor city are far more the son. And small place such as the north jiangsu siyang, people are not concentrated, according to the siyang county annals of the republic of China, as well as local 23 people, and twenty si.

no matter choose which day off year, one is the same, that is can’t let a woman priest & ndash; & ndash; & other; Women don’t people & throughout; .

& other; Women don’t people & throughout; When started?

& other; Women don’t people & throughout; Custom has a long history, the southern song dynasty poet Fan Chengda people word wrote:

old December 24, the kitchen god to say things.

cloud car wind horse small linger, the home has plates FengDian si.

mature pig double fish, bean paste spikenard m round bait.

a man of action and offer daughter, obligation, burn kitchen god pleased & hellip; & hellip;

this suggests that, at least in the southern song dynasty, when people asked shied away from the woman. Why don’t women people? Folklore, the kitchen god is yan or ravaged by a mythical god incarnate men, is a rocks a gigolo, in modern terms, it is a handsome boy. Just think, a woman sat at the foot of a handsome man, what does that mean? This is not the woman cheat one million head?