Why can’t the lotus of pan gold to? And the west door celebrate adultery is inevitable

this article from the wangbu, Zhang Wangchao, zhong, in May 2009,

the lotus of pan gold has always been synonymous with sluts, no matter how much people give her sympathy and understanding, her image is always very not up. For example, you can aggrieved speak well of many of the lotus of pan gold, but I want to say you are the lotus of pan gold, or your woman is the lotus of pan gold, you are bound to not happy.

the tragedy of the lotus of pan gold is the result of the legal system. The legal system is not based on human rights, but based on the throne, and the lotus of pan gold have no rights to speak of, no more women’s rights to speak of. Based on human rights legal system, and its starting point is the people, the ultimate end-result are people too. People’s needs, the interests of the people, is the primary concern and care, the concept of the supremacy of human rights and thus inevitably throughout all of its principles, rules and concepts.

based on power law system, its starting point and the foothold is no ordinary person, but to the king or the emperor to represent the interests of the ruling group. Under such a legal system, people work only as a tool is ruled by the rulers, the legitimate rights and interests is impossible to fully respect and protect. At the time of the legal system, a woman who doesn’t even have a right to decide your marriage and love, the lotus of pan gold how life may not be the tragedy of human life?

Starts the

the lotus of pan gold a emit bright personality — no against compliance to him for a large family is a rich man. Today there are many beautiful women in alongside big style, isn’t it? A large family is a big money, but the lotus of pan gold is not alongside, she only alongside her favorite man. Very kind of precious ancient and modern, the lotus of pan gold? You don’t approach I isn’t it? Ok, I send you to wu3 da4 lang2! Make you a lifetime alongside in a short and ugly and cowardly men around. The lotus of pan gold obedience to a large family or marry wu3 da4 lang2, where to go? Mr Minglun wei of sichuan opera “the lotus of pan gold” with lyrics says a woman’s voice:

this is ugly fool,

there are clothes soak up the monkey.

on both sides of all bitterness,

a married life.

there are three way to go?

yes, into lotus pond everything.

the lotus of pan gold thought of death, death all things, all the trouble and pain. However, & ndash; & ndash;

grass without affection, pretty good,

young flower ah, just the beginning.

to walk on the journey of life.

bitterness and tears swallow throat!!!

how can you go to die? Between a large and wu3 da4 lang2, she chose the wu3 da4 lang2.

wu3 da4 is ugly, not an animals,

giants dark, like the grave-mound.

ning and gnome mate,

without wolves total pillow!

& have spent

these, the smell of tears. Is to beautify the lotus of pan gold? I think that is not at all. The novel written not so? Between wealth and personal character, she chose to personality & ndash; & ndash; Wu3 da4 lang2 after all is a good man.

if wu3 da4 lang2 there is no such a brother wu song, or if the wu song did not appear in front of the lotus of pan gold, then, the lotus of pan gold is how a woman? She will have later an affair? Hard to say. The era of women, mostly marry a chicken with chicken married dog follows dog, starve smaller ShiJieShiDa, love is to the woman, not necessities but luxury. How can a woman luxury? So live it. People, whether men or women, if alive as the highest goal, with a living is the attitude to live, what is the pain can’t stand?

through the ages of countless Chinese people is so alive. Think about it, terrible! Unfortunately, wu song is present, the study on this jingyang hill hero wu3 da4 lang2 formed with the lotus of pan gold husband too sharp contrast: one is the grand trunk open a form, one is short stature to describe the creep; A state is a hero. Don’t block, a nest is timid sac hand hard, chicken. Any woman, any a woman who is physically and mentally normal, after marry wu3 da4 first encounter er4, hearts vibrated is impossible. Mr Minglun wei of sichuan opera “the lotus of pan gold” in the lotus of pan gold a few lines, spoke her sense of wu song:

why had he heat waves roll?

why less he dead?

why no general Howe handsome?

why existing uncle sister-in-law points to meet?

at this point, the lotus of pan gold can have two choices: one is to, willing to lonely; The second is made, the pursuit of happiness. Chinese women at that time, meet the lotus of pan gold situation, most want to choose the former. The problem is, choose the former, don’t say that for the lotus of pan gold such a woman, is for a woman who have, also is a great deal of pain.

we can imagine, one is wu song, one is wu3 da4, two people hanging out in front of you. Think, your husband is not wu song, but wu3 da4, you will feel how? The lotus of pan gold has no choice keep lonely, it is destined to her tragic life. To the love of the wu song is not only bad men and women an extramarital liaisons laws, and bad uncle sister-in-law between ethical rules, a double charges. But she is with double the charges to the wu song of love. At the time of the society, it is a great behavior.

to this behavior, can from the analysis on two levels. From the rational level analysis, the lotus of pan gold think they do so is not valid, or, she doesn’t think about how to carry on the moral judgments for their actions. Because once thinking, she will make themselves more deep contradictions and pain. From the perceptual level analysis, the lotus of pan gold thirst for wu song reached a strong, strong to unstoppable. Otherwise, she won’t be so carefully designed to lure wu song concrete steps, not emotional expression of wu song has so naked.

to read the text, we found that the whole process of the lotus of pan gold lure wu song writes very have interest, very life breath, is also very beautiful. The lotus of pan gold first thoughts, feel good marry wu3 da4 cowardly, and wonder, how to force congress have a brother like wu song? Is a mother gave birth to children, to be the gap between how so big? Think again, this is my love birds fly, & other; Don’t want to this piece of karma is here & throughout; .

1, entertain foolish ideas start with Wu Songshui something half bright and half dark. Brother you moved back home, don’t in yamun canteen, sister-in-law I do rice more clean, how delicious! Don’t come back, you are a woman outside? No, that’s good! Brother, how old are you? Oh, which three years older than I am. Sister-in-law married to your brother, I have a lot of gas, if the home had you such a big man, I see not cowardly men the most time.

in addition to the language, and some intimate little affectations, for example, when you eat at home, on behalf of wu song clip vegetables, & other; Pick a good pass will come & throughout; . Finally, in front of wu3 da4, directly ask wu song moved home to live. Brothers, if you don’t move back to live ah, that’s not call people joke brother sister-in-law don’t understand? The words of the lotus of pan gold in justified, wu3 da4 lang2 brother move back to live. Wu song is agreed.

if not use the perspective of the author shy naih-an, but with our own point of view “the water margin”, if you don’t see the lotus of pan gold as a shameless prostitute, so read the lotus of pan gold at home to wu song in the story of love, can read much poetry.