Why Confucius contempt for people: people is too stupid to make sense

in this paper, from the history is not a legend “, the author: Shi Jiepeng, press: shanxi people’s publishing house

in our ordinary people’s impression, Confucianism is don’t believe in ghosts and gods, at least not language & other; Throughout the disorderly god of the strange power &; . His student zi gong also said: & other; Master of articles, available and smell; Master of sex and heaven, and not have to and smell. Throughout the &; Confucianism always points away, that there is no question that they pursue is in the world to establish an ideal of the kingdom of heaven, and no hope for the afterlife.

however, the world time is just a moment, no soul reposing, born in life, what kind of faith can let them follow the order? It is sensible things can be deeply touched.

Confucius is very despise the public, this is how proud, he is high above the how. He just have two standard intelligence and education. If a person’s intelligence to accept education level, he also may not be contempt.

& other; Can be made by the people, do not know. Throughout the &; Attributed to “the analects of Confucius taber?”, is Confucius’ sayings. This naked contempt public words, once was criticized by millions of people, in fact it is the truth. Some of the maintenance of Confucian scholars, to pretend a populist, fart dian fart to Confucius, this sentence says what it should be read as: & other; People can make the guide, do not know. Throughout the &; That is to say, if the ruler to do great things, need patience to enlighten the people first, don’t go, let the people understand is Confucius was stood on the side of the working people, it is not necessary.

indeed, & other; Throughout the &; And & other Guide & throughout; Dialect is similar, in hubei jingmen guodian age hunan unearthed bamboo slips of the warring states period, there are also the words, among them & other Throughout the &; Is true for the word written & other; Throughout the &; And can be read as & other; Guide & throughout; . However, these two words exactly what’s different? & other; Guide & throughout; Mean never is enlighten and guide, it is the ruler should fully understand the people, the behavior of this group, with their the most acceptable way to control them, otherwise why want to say the following & other; Do not make known throughout the &; ? Before liberation in urumqi, it is called & other; Di hua & throughout; And the & other; Di & throughout; , and its representation & other; Throughout the &; , is also & other; Guide & throughout; Mean, it seems to the ancients, so remote place, Wang Hua not to, is the need to we are going to show them a Confucian civilization Wang Hua way, it is compulsory, or is the induction (actually, lure, guide two word is cognate word), and won’t be discussing type of channel. In fact, as Confucius so conceited people, where to have the patience to explain and convince people one by one, although he said & other; Beam by repairing the above, we have no law how & throughout; . As long as you pay the tuition, he will fulfill the responsibilities of education, but students can understand, it’s not his will to decide. And even if you want to so hard, also absolutely no effect. & other; The people not to feel secure, and can be with joy into & throughout; The other words was correct.

subject choosing, distortion, is now a common mistake among some of the so-called new Confucian. What’s more, even if & other; Guide & throughout; And & other Throughout the &; There is a little different, who can sure the guodian bamboo slips of age hunan “in & other; Throughout the &; Not & other; Throughout the &; Tongjia characters?

in fact, look down on people, also have nothing to lose face. People want to be, have to be smarter, practice internal work, in order to respect yourself into being, this is serious.

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of course, the Confucian look down on people, and legalism obscurantism policy is quite different. Confucian know that most people are & other; Do not make known throughout the &; , that is, don’t have the ability to let all the people become wise, this is negative people; And brainwashing is positive and spare no effort to meet intelligent will weaken or even eliminate, because a man wise not good rule. Compared with Confucianism, this is abhorrent, because it deprives people of chance, for a nation, also reduces the level of intelligence, which leads to its overall deterioration.

words digress, we return to the master here, about the defiance of the people, we from the development of more as you can see in the ruban yogarajah drought Confucius’s consistent position.

the ruban yogarajah drought is composed of six residual Jane:

ruban yogarajah drought, 6 refers to Confucius: & other; Don’t figure for me? Throughout the &; Answer: & other; Drought, WuNai lost the punishment and the DE? Throughout the &; & other; Wei & hellip; & hellip; He Zai? Throughout the &; Confucius said: & other; Subaltern said about ghost, punishment and DE, you do not love, the wall currency silks in mountains and rivers, is punishment and & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; When zi gong, yue: & other; Given, and the smell of lane road, is not refers to a nand hill? Throughout the &; Zi gong yue: & other; No. Throughout the &; & other; I wish her and suppression? Throughout the &; & other; ReFu is punishment and DE to heaven, this is zai. ReFu without love, the wall currency silks in mountains and rivers, not is not. Mountain, stone thought skin, wood to the people, if it doesn’t rain, stone will focus, wood will die, its desire to rain or better than me, or will be benignly by name (禜)? Sichuan, water for skin, fish to the people, if it doesn’t rain, water will vanish, the fish will die, its desire to or more than me. Will also relies on (禜)? Throughout the &; Confucius said: & other; Die & hellip; & hellip; The male not rice liang carnivorous zai? What what suppression subaltern & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

although incomplete, but I do not interfere with our understanding of literal, JianWen big drought happened is about lu, lu 6 seek to Confucius, ask about countermeasures. Confucius said: & other; The reason of the drought, is both punishment and didn’t do well, political are clear enough. Only political correctness, genius will waterest it. Throughout the &; But behind JianWen incomplete, Confucius also said something, we don’t know.