Why do Chinese people love to drink white wine: why melancholy only du kang

the Chinese white wine, no two global. When I have seen the foreigners to liquor drink whisky, less than an hour then collapsed.

why made such malicious wine? Why drink so strong? In my opinion, its the main reason is: nothing unpleasant things always have eight or nine, not as good as home. Scholar-bureaucrat is an example of ordinary people, officials and scholars who love it and wind flow infinite, folk began to follow in their footsteps: Liu Ling, tao yuanming, li bai & hellip; & hellip;

is better than home. Wine is a lifesaver, degree for one who sets his mind on it. Court, trembling with fear, returned home to drinking, not as good as home. Where I’m going home! Return than the most the most clear. No sin wine king is ruthless, no poet is no only drank wine, not drunk wine lover is no love, no had drunk wine is boring.

battlefield point soldier of yesterday, today’s bouquet for array, didn’t go to the battlefield is not a true warrior, not too long soldiers is not a true man, ZuiWo battlefield MoXiao, ancient in several people back, not equal to return, as long as drunk, everywhere is home.

3000 years of history, the war in 2500, the Chinese, always safe and security, not as good as home. Liu Ling loathe woke up feeling, he seems willing to get drunk more than white wine forever: & other; & hellip; & hellip; No, secure, it covered. Uighur drunk, however, suddenly wake up, listen to don’t hear the sound of thunder, cooked see don’t see the shape of mount tai, unknowingly cut through the muscle, the secular feelings & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; This sentence meaning is: the bustling world, fighting, killing, and die, so also hate, only three cups of liquor, the moment I left two, how fair is zai. I see castle peak more enchanting, castle peak see me as is. No wine, how can you play this state?

the Chinese white wine, love is drunk and not drunk, the situation of those hard to reach, wasted, after all the resignation of mentality, wine is fine grain, it is the most sentient beings, who as a dielectric, paint good things; The wind as a medium, complained of bedside prattle, no wine, no no, it is impossible, what is with wine?

du fu in “drinks the eight immortals in the song”, described the highest state of intoxication: just swig He Zhizhang bowls of liquor, riding like a boat all, the last drop water also unaware, and even fell asleep in the water; Tang dynasty’s nephew RuYang 2 wang Jin, drunk to appear before, very anxious to request the emperor to the letter to a club for the king; On the premises of chang an city ZuiWo a man, he ignored the emperor summoned, regardless of the angel to chase the imperial edict, are ignored: & other; Hugh Johnson is loose, is god in heaven, jiuxian descent & throughout; & hellip; & hellip;

Talk about

at this point, I don’t think so why Chinese people love to drink white wine? Other wine, could not let a person to enter such a fairy. Beer is very weak, whisky is too soft, too sweet red wine, rice wine is too acid, only white wine, to water the outlaw hero block, sending fighters heroism, poets to express their talents, and beautiful heart, one pace reachs the designated position, do not need to process.