Why Neanderthal extinction 40000 years ago? Fewer still fond of kin

about 30000 years ago, early modern humans and neanderthals Shared the earth’s environment, but the caveman then mysteriously disappeared. Neanderthals and modern humans are very close, is a branch of the early human hybrid breeding. In fact, many people today still owns Neanderthal DNA molecules. Modern humans how to overcome the Neanderthal remains a mystery, but some important fossil evidence provided a caveman end of the road of key clues.

Neanderthal extinction is the most direct objective factors they lost to modern humans in terms of population. As modern humans from Africa arrived in cave man settled in southern Europe, that these two branches of human evolution has a direct competition. According to the report, the caveman population is only one over ten of the modern human, they were forced to live in a part of the poor living conditions, there is very difficult to find food and shelter. When the caveman is modern human force to the edge of residential areas, probably due to lack of resources caveman start fond of kin. In France, according to fossil found in a cave flesh from the phenomenon in a Neanderthal skeleton, apparently they eat kin to earn your living, mind you, they will even human. A kind of similar to mad cow disease fatal infectious disease can lead to a caveman mental disorders, thousands of large quantities of death.

caveman has developed muscles, but early modern humans in the wisdom of the brain. From birth, the brain of modern humans and neanderthals intelligence are very similar, in the early stage of life, modern human brain more activity in the nervous system. Although this does not mean that caveman no modern human intelligent, but the modern the human brain has more advanced capabilities, such as creativity and communication skills. According to now caveman creativity, has not found that they have their own complicated language system.

it is understood that neanderthals and modern humans have common ancestor in Africa, about 400000 years ago, early caveman left Africa, in Europe and Asia, our early ancestors, however, still stay in Africa, the formation and evolution of modern humans. About 100000 years ago, modern humans left Africa, migrating to the continent. Modern humans and neanderthals in continental Europe live for 20000 years, the caveman disappearance. Research shows that neanderthals and modern humans did not appear too long direct competition, this is because the caveman disappeared earlier than previously forecast, the period of the neanderthals disappeared from the earth about 39700 years ago, more than 10000 years before prevailing view this time.