Why only half of the liao zhai zhi yi “? Future generations will be the other half out also

pu songling “strange stories” half of the manuscripts, the world-famous ancient books such as “yongle show on January 18th in the provincial museum.

the exhibition by the national library, the national center for protection of ancient books, province cultural department, province library, ancient books protection center, liaoning province museum, 148 units of different historical periods of China’s rare classic on display, is the first time since the founding of our province province ancient books show, hosted by exhibitors unprecedented, ancient books record Numbers. Our reporter interviewed at the scene with the ancient department deputy director of the national library Chen Gongyan and provincial library curator hsiao-wen wang, two experts to the reporter tells the story behind some ancient books.


“liao zhai zhi yi” why only half

hsiao-wen wang, our province existing ancient documents about quantity about 1.5 million copies, compared with other provinces, our province is the largest collection of ancient books, no matter from the quality or quantity, are among the best all over the country.

show on ancient books, has been hailed as a provincial library & other; Meanwhile, & throughout; The manuscript of pu songling “liao zhai zhi yi” particularly noteworthy. What kind of bumpy tribulations experienced “liao zhai zhi yi”? Why only half?

hsiao-wen wang said the provincial library collection of manuscript “liao zhai zhi yi” is China’s qing dynasty famous writer pu song-ling had handwritten fair copy of this. “The strange stories,” writing about early. Was originally written by pu songling side, told the village people, modified again, until the mid kangxi finalized, lasted more than 40 years. The book in the 50 years after the death of pu song-ling only codex, pu song-ling’s manuscript has been stored in shandong PuShi clan academy. Around the xianfeng years, PuShi vii Sun Pujie by arguing with the family, will carry the “strange stories” and “mixed with” and so on several manuscripts go settle in shenyang, northeast PuYingHao then passed on to their sons and daughters. In its possession during the revision, PuYingHao lend half manuscript “liao zhai zhi yi” to others, but failed to return, so until now I don’t know the half of the whereabouts of the manuscript.

why half of the manuscript in liaoning

why this half of the manuscript in liaoning? Hsiao-wen wang said PuYingHao died, and the first five PuWenShan would transmit the manuscript. PuWenShan is a reader, a former xifeng county library curator of manuscript “serial value is better than his father. There are many people borrow, during the purchase in advance, including the Japanese and bought were PuWenShan refused. Unexpectedly, in land reform, PuWenShan this half the manuscript also lost treasure for years.

winter day in 1947, in xifeng county government Liu Botao to wing ditch village inspection work, found a letter in a pile of peasant associations used books two faded blue cloth leather book thread-bound book. He turned the pages, & other; Liao & throughout; Four words. Take a closer look at, Liu Botao found that these two books are early bamboo paper, is likely to be the manuscript of the stories.

after investigation after Liu Botao that PuWenShan is pu song-ling 9 generations, a former xifeng county library curator. In June 1948, find PuWenShan Liu Botao, after PuWenShan recognize, sure enough he found from the old heap of manuscript is pu song-ling’s manuscript. But PuWenShan lost manuscript in land reform is four, two letter Liu Botao hands only one letter, and two, where the rest of the letter of two? After asking, Liu Botao finally get this letter, and two manuscripts is a woman called the Wang Shen to Harbin. Liu Botao overnight to Harbin wrote a asked local government, request help find Wang Shen work unit in Harbin, going back to the original book. Letter issued, five months after Liu Botao received two from Harbin to send back the manuscript “liao zhai zhi yi”. Struggles to find the two letter four volumes is half of the liao zhai zhi yi “.

in 1950, PuWenShan put the manuscript to the government, to the northeast is the liaoning province library collection today. Half the manuscript hsiao-wen wang said PuShi “liao zhai zhi yi” has experienced more than 200 years of bumpy, finally can collect at the provincial library is thankfully.


yongle’s legend

the reporter discovers in the exhibition hall, Ming edition of commentaries in the song, Ming and qing Ming edition of commentaries and movable type prints exhibition of ten units of the remnants of ancient books, the most impressive of the national library & other; Meanwhile, & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; “Yongle”.

with the ancient department deputy director of the national library Chen Gongyan tells a reporter, compiled by the yongle reign of yongle is the biggest encyclopedia in ancient China, is a precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, also is the precious wealth of all mankind, the content covers the Confucian classics, history, philosophy, art and science and other fields. The but in history, yongle has repeatedly suffered devastation, today only about 400 copies, less than 4% of the original book, and hidden scattered around the world. The national library number is 222. The yongle from compiling to the loss of 600 years, left many legendary stories.

according to introducing, the national library in the process of collecting the yongle there is a legend.

in 1983, shandong Ye County farmers Sun Honglin once to their home’s side to grandson’s side & other Centenarians & throughout; , Sun Honglin’s side about the story of jing ke pricks qin wang and xianyang e pang gong the legend of the north gate of magnet, Sun Honglin after listen to very surprise, ask how’s side know, tell him’s side, from the home on see, it was an ancient and told Sun Honglin & other; Is this ancient book was your home, your old aunt got married in it with paper cutting designs and shoes together to our home, more than 70 years has been in the home, if you are interested, just return it. Throughout the &; Sun Honglin after take this book home, store up, until one day he met after Ye County museum collect old friend, the book is from the folk to enter people’s vision.

learned that after the book value, Sun Honglin send this book to Ye County cultural center, Ye County cultural center and send it to the national library. – our reporter/Yang