Why sings especially well when to take a bath? But with the soul singing Arab person

Turkish Bath (A Female Turkish Bath or Hammam 1785) Jean – Jacques – Francois Lebarbier draw/most-famous-paintings.org

there’s a saying, people like to sing in the bath hall. This statement has a long history. The Arab historian ibn & middot; Holle, (Ibn Khaldun) written by the famous book “history introduction”, once said: & other; When enjoy the hot water bath, sucked into the heat heating their souls, they often sing for joy. Throughout the &;

actually, in the present, it is common for the singing while taking a bath. People have the habit of early in the morning to take a bath every day. But they lack water, in order to save water, energy, called on the public bath when it is best not to sing, or at least choose a short song.

the people like to sing in the bath, bath is because spirit is relaxed, carefree, natural can hum a few words. Actually underneath it, also because the shower singing, singing beautiful than usual. (if singing in the bathroom than usual, I don’t think they can sing in the shower & ndash; & ndash; Even if there is singing mood, bad sound also can make his nature to shut up.)

we hear is related to our environment. In the wilderness of flat singing, there was no echo, just listen to feel not appear too dry muddy embellish; And singing in the valley, there will be a echo, produce & other; The hollow call & throughout; Feeling. This is because when singing from the throat with ears to hear the sound of the voice is not the same thing: from the sound of a voice, the formation of sound waves into gaiden disturbance in the air, and sound is the sound waves arrive directly or indirectly reflection after mixing disturbance to the ears.

general bathroom walls, floor, it’s easy to reflect a sound, in the shower, shower spewing water droplets will reflect a sound, this makes the bathroom sound reverberation is bigger than general bedroom, especially so sing a song.