Will be a misreading of death to death: lu xun and LuXunZhi death

lu xun’s death

LuXunZhi dead, because of illness, but also because beyond the reach of willfulness. He indulged in damaged health routine for a long time, refused to rest, to recuperate. He tried to live, like a son of man and father, gentle boil dry lives at the same time, the walking dead & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Literary character, the great writer finally shaped by his role, in the late of lu xun, is he the man who’s all dead in the ground and adored.

& other; The original even in death like this? Throughout the &;

about his deceased friend, about the death of his glance, he seemed to utter words, then there is the article about the death of his essay: & other; The original even in death like this? Throughout the &; He wrote. The tone calm.

lu xun died. There is no reason to sad for him. Concerning the cause of death, that was the common lung diseases, not particularly rare; Theory of life, although not long, not a dead; Theory of superstition, the process of meteorite died less than two days, the pain is limited, is a death, is public opinion & other Good throughout & death; ; Theory of family, the house 翤 prosperity, seventy years of progeny, so theory & other; Throughout life &; Victims, LuXunZhi dead than May 4th generation and generations of scholars behind him all kinds of dead method, to simply.

& other; Burying the pull down & throughout; With & other; Is a state funeral & throughout;

lu xun’s funeral, though not a state funeral, Jude is better than a state funeral, after three easy its tomb, since the Chinese literati’s funeral and glory, justifiable popularity to shame. For seventy years, lu xun used step by step, godlike, misunderstood, are built on stilts, is another big topic, but lu xun worthy funeral and posthumous honour.

death understanding of lu xun, as lu xun’s understanding of death. But the world understand LuXunMe? Cover remains large banner reads lu xun & other; National soul & throughout; , is really a big misunderstanding and irony. But death proposition, the people like to think about death, dare to talk about death? No, as long as it’s not their death, living well, why to say & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Lu xun is the nation’s great heresy, not national soul.

I guess, lu xun know behind will have big irony, so he refuse & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Buried, pull down & throughout; , & other; Don’t do anything to commemorate & throughout; First thought about it, this is his last will and testament. He is & other; Lu xun & throughout; Ah & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; At the moment, I thought of the words of zhou zuoren & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; How can & other; Pull down & throughout; ? How may not mark? Lu xun said, that is his XingHuo, was also his great & other; Chen & throughout; . Before the reconciliation with death, he will again this implies his peace with the world of the world. & other; Go by their resentment, I didn’t forgive & throughout; Think about all the way, it appears that the death bed, he is mindful of his thought loathe him, for he loathed.

in the end, like lu xun: I would like & other; Vow & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Death to death, lu xun to lu xun.

(from step backwards set serial)