With traditional stubborn and stubborn jia pingwa: his bones mad Juan (FIG.)

stubborn jia pingwa

there are a kind of tender man appearance, but the heart is very strong, and even some stubborn, jia pingwa is a case in point. On the surface, jia pingwa is a modest, gentle person, actually otherwise, he had the kind of stubborn and traditional mad Juan.

jia pingwa formerly known as & other; Jia Pingwa & throughout; , in August 1973 in shaanxi public arts public publication the journal public art novel “a pair of socks, will be officially used & other; Jia pingwa & throughout; The change of the name, although only a word, but he is human’s style: he is especially good at using the existing conditions, first let nature take its course, then the flat, not trace, leaving no melody, this feminine kung fu, but in fact is a reflection of the stubborn personality.

in the summer of 1967, the “cultural revolution” of the storm hit the danfeng county the same remote isolated small town, still in high grade 2 of jia pingwa was forced to leave school, home for farming, & other; I will do this for a lifetime farmers? Throughout the &; In his 14 years of age in a mud floor young jia pingwa said make a determined effort. His thin neck with a large head, by head spin with a pinch of high qiaoqi hair. His dream is to go to college. He was so looking forward to the exam, because of the existence of a test can show him. But & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Change the fate. Have not graduated from high school when the farmers to go and even serious farm work do not come, income is not as good as women. This made him feel humiliation. Because of the father & other; Counter-revolutionary hat & throughout; , is required & other; Can’t blather touch & throughout; , as a soldier, recruitment, run by the local teachers, agent & hellip; & hellip; All insulation with him, from then on, his personality became afraid and inferiority, silent. But he vowed to leave, peeled off this & other; Farmers leather & throughout; . He is short, but the heart is big, families can’t dig a few times, but the pen is proposed. During this period, he make a determined effort to read, practice calligraphy, recite tang poetry, handwritten “ancient prose wondrous” & hellip; & hellip; Niang to for his wife, but he made a fire to niang, aggravated with graphite li bai’s poems & other; Naturally I just will be useful throughout the &; On the gables.

by chance, jia pingwa went to college, his writing skills, like wang bottomless springs, bubbling and chung. From 1978 short story “full moon” won the first national award, the “impetuous”, “soil door”, “high zhuang zi”, to “miss Wolf”, “qin”, “happy”, to “the ancient stove”, from the impact on rural land reform to the market economy & hellip; & hellip; Rural big turning point in his work. However, he still not content with the status quo, even won the prize, also like & other; Across the river in the bridge, thirsty met springs, the road is far, further & throughout; . In his heart, was himself a craftsman: articles written well, is the work done, bittersweet, inside on his body writing as farmers farming cultivation of joy and satisfaction.

“fei” and does not leave him down. The unfortunate life, it is the piece of art. In 1997, “fei” in France won & other; Fee mina literature & throughout; Journal, in the new observation, jia pingwa wrote: & other; “Fei” is my in a series of novel, it described what is the end of the century of China’s real life, I want to write is sang a dirge, for the old order at the same time is established for the generation of new order and sang a hymn. Unfortunately, my grief and pity for by some people turn a blind eye and misunderstanding, after formally published millions of books have been banned for reprint. This is like you are speaking in public, was suddenly a hand over your mouth, let you become the dumb! Throughout the &;

in the 50 words, “said jia pingwa, & other; Arrange the number character password for life, so the development of personality is the fate of the whole trajectory; Don’t know this, inevitably fall into the weak, the weak is made with malicious, is cruel, is also in vain. Throughout the &; This is caused by the accumulated to a certain degree of human wisdom will contrast: & other; Strong & throughout; Is & other; Weak & throughout; , & other; Weak & throughout; Also became & other; Strong & throughout; . So, & other; I finally know, I am the strong; The strong is gentle, so I’m happy to my day. Throughout the &; From now on & other; No longer to carry on the door of alcohol and tobacco to be officer ceng grind, or on their own books and officialdom more calligraphy and painting, of course, is no longer always sitting at home scold officer, officer to do things more enthusiastic. Throughout the &; Fifty people, is a process of life, like a grain of water after thousands of forging refining, finally flow into the sea, it is a rich, is also a kind of feelings. & other; Others say something nice about me, I thank the somebody else, need to ask me whether have he said? I encountered people light, affirmation is I have no weight. Throughout the &; & other; If a libel and slander, completely is not enlightenment. Throughout the &; He was in over 50 years old birthday, to speak in public: & other; My mother told me that she was pregnant when I dream of a giant snake around the waist, then the dream of all the land of walnut, she picked out and pick, pick a bosom. If superstition, part of my life have some walnut, walnut is hit to eat, so I need all aspects can knock out. Throughout the &;

type is a velvet glove, jia pingwa character, the way of the components of soft, more than just the Confucian component. He said: & other; Hindered my weakness and cowardice and helped me. I hate those who articulate since I was a child, I will not inherit with them. Meet together, he is full of hot air, the more I was silent, the more he is, the more I was hidden, to fight, but a curious coincidence, but I always have the last victory. Throughout the &; Everyone who met jia pingwa, don’t think he is modest, easy, temper, also won’t put on AIRS, seem to be anyone can fellowship with him, but deal with many, will feel he is like a old man or old fox with a chest talent and artifice, and jia ping-wa extensively in a lot of people say to is not easy. Of course, it related to he had a deficit in dating, especially when he performed clings to flatter him, and in his great great bitterness whenever and chilling. He wrote about this in the “friends” : & other; Now much more comfortable, because at that time, is to make friends as you and your family, but friends are friends after all, friends are the flowers of spring, winter all have no, friends are not necessarily great, bosom friend is not friends & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

although stubborn, but jia pingwa is also a kind of interesting people. Have so a few small story. It a: once, a group of jia pingwa’s home land party, drinking tea blowing sea god chat and comfortable enjoy. Soon a friend abdominal distension, quickly toilet pee, pee he just loose trousers, plane concave came knocking at the door. Friend rose blush asked what, the plane concave smiled all right, people stood watching him pee. Friends of sa is to pull the tank after flushing, plane concave block; don’t let small panic position out of a bubble urine at the same time. Urine done just get told friends: a bubble urine put a big box of water flush urinals, too wasteful, how clear the water, looking at love it is a pity. Holding tank rope said his side, side toward the house of the friend shouted, & other; Who also urine? Not urine me water! Throughout the &; Friends laugh, think he streamline more lovely.

b: jia ping-wa as jia pingwa personality psychological questionnaire tathagata: name, jia pingwa. Mr Count on fingers when parents gave birth to me, the Yin and Yang, should not be at home, so stay in 20 physical lee a family. After the peace become an outlaw, namely the name Jia Liping. At a young age, rot common name is Eva, a call for 18 years. Renamed himself after the plane concave, words don’t change, don’t have the artistic conception of heaven and earth. Age: 30 years old, turned 30. Gender: male. But weak, deloitte was alarmed face fierce male gas, hand have no strength of chicken. Main achievements: no official career, inarticulate action, is a foolish man & hellip; & hellip;

jia pingwa often come up an idea: if I was not accidentally into the university, not because I don’t know how the future in the university and started writing and I am now what it’s like to be? Must be a farmer. A small farmer. May Day will get by, children and grandchildren a group, and I to seniority, hookah, tripped sunny slope, and look at the chicken fly a dog to jump. Perhaps, I have to go to work in the city.

jia pingwa, is such a stubborn and humorous man.