Women don’t marry was beaten many people marriage family has bad deal

recently, there have been two news about the marriage issue, cause netizen onlookers.

a is 35 & other; Leftover women & throughout; Phillips, it hasn’t been married, cause family & on the other; Marry things & throughout; Worried and nervous. Nagging and care of family caused the phillips antipathy, out of the house rent another room in a fit of pique. Care about her daughter’s old mother after a long time did not meet, rental rate family to daughter, want to persuade daughter go home, at the same time, when it comes to sensitive & other Marry things & throughout; Lovers, results, and a dispute, then early sense & other; Happy & throughout; Brother, a rushed forward, a beaten, & other; Beat phillips several slap, and also on phillips played throughout more than a dozen boxing &; Three ribs, sister will interrupt, lung injured! In accordance with the standards, injury injury at least a minor injuries, the sister brother also because of intentional injury, was arrested by local procuratorial organ for approval. (see qianjiang evening news reported on April 15)

second is a shandong netizens Posting the engagement with heze JuanCheng girl, can’t afford to have said: & other; Brother is engaged, according to local engagement gift & lsquo; Market & rsquo; Is & lsquo; Forty-four thousand & rsquo; Or & lsquo; Sixty-eight thousand & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Some netizens have commented: in some parts of heze JuanCheng engagement gift also said by weight, and need three catties 3200 yuan money, equivalent to about 130000, 6000 yuan. (see China radio network reported on April 14) in order to compare with, some comprehensive news in recent years around the end of engagement as a great gift, said wuhan is about 30000 yuan to 50000 yuan, is about 50000 yuan to 60000 yuan, the Shanxi Province in 60000 yuan & hellip; & hellip; .

the two can be called & other; Classic & throughout; News together to study, we found that talk about marriage was beaming, can contain so much heavy and helpless! Marriage, two feelings mutually yue, knot, this is the gift of life and the civilization of the event. Anyone for marriage, for the choice of spouse, should be cautious, cannot careless. Because you choose & other; The other half & throughout; Will accompany you grow together, sharing weal and woe, dawei. Original marriage is both the male and the female from the acquaintance, to know each other, love each other, and finally, married, in accordance with legal procedure to receive & other License & throughout; And then into the marriage hall together. Then, it can be in his love mew sweet & other; Made man & throughout; Than fun. Then, both sides of husband and wife together, grow old in love each other. Everyone will go through this & other; Romantic thing & throughout; .

but ethics is hasty, any a pair of men and women talk about marriage, standing behind a bunch of excessive enthusiasm, care about too quickly & other Your friends & throughout; ! & other; Your friends & throughout; A high-profile intervention, make pure and sweet talk about marriage, rich in content, the situation complicated. The object to their marriage provides a physical, mental, moral and the moral all-round support. These and other Support & throughout; Dislocation, spawned many drama even is a tragedy!

take leftover women don’t marry a beaten the incident, phillips’s mother and brother as & other; Your friends & throughout; Key players, from the pure affection, care phillips for life, the care is commendable. But care too impatient for success, things to plummet, it turned into a tragedy of cannibalism, sister and make noise, untimely!

look & other; Engagement gift by weight balance & throughout; This is even more shocking, & other; Talk about marriage theory to marry & throughout; Direct development of & other; About marriage LunJin & throughout; , & other; Married women & throughout; A naked & other; Sell female & throughout; , full-bodied & other; Copper bad smell & throughout; Abnormal choking! I think it is still a & other; Your friends & throughout; Masterpiece. Investigate its reason, on the one hand, is vanity. For serious for marriage, symbolically for marriage the same as a traditional spreading so far, but & other; The amounts of jin & throughout; Will directly marriage alienation has become a trade, trade benefits probably only as & other; Sell female & throughout; Party & other; Your friends & throughout; After showing off of capital, and little daughter married happiness. Alienation itself, marriage is beginning to emerge, on the other hand, men’s and women’s emotion is no longer the core and key of marriage, the amounts of & other; Weighing & throughout; Is the marriage of the main scales farmar. Just tell people about it, the end of time love legend, & other; Three catties two two & throughout; Is the money.

so many naked fact tells us that many people marriage is serious bad, distortion and trading. We should not only ask, so that a & other; Three catties two two & throughout; To maintain the marriage, can withstand the love river wind and rain, can withstand the baptism of daily necessities sauce vinegar tea after marriage? I see a little hung!