Women in tang dynasty outgoing provocative: yelling to attend team sports

if directly from the tang dynasty to song dynasty, you can make a cold war: the two the temperament of The Times, is so different. From tang to song dynasty, China turned a one hundred and eighty degree bend.

women in tang dynasty is outgoing and vigorous, the song dynasty women inside collect is soft. Women like riding a marooned in tang dynasty, song dynasty wei curtain, women could only stand in the heavy lift a corner quietly looking outward.

women in tang dynasty can be like a man, big shout shout loudly to participate in collective sports, women is wrapped in the song dynasty), huangdi zhuxue exquisite and skirt, smile don’t grin. Women in the tang dynasty to fat stump for beauty, and the pursuit of song dynasty thin and sickly, and such as the bodhisattva pretty Zhang Ziye: & other; The people who afraid thin waist, screen window. Throughout the &;

straightforward, tang dynasty poets. All the things in tang dynasty, are broad and ambitious, strong. WeiJiong tomb murals in the fat woman with a strong man, li3 shuang3 tomb in the his hand clenched, stare the angry king tomb, zhaoling shine in the horse in the stone, which manifests the tang dynasty strong self-confidence and strength.

while the style of the song dynasty relics is exquisite and elegant. The most famous sculptures in the song dynasty is the maid like jin temple, art critics say it is the feature of & other; Smooth, beautiful, especially in depicting more beyond the achievements of personality, psychological & throughout; . Collect inside warm, tang dynasty poets. Tang dynasty was fond of drawing horse, goshawk and peony. Because these enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained, atmospheric intention is to express the generous and heroic in the character of tang dynasty, especially the peony. And the song dynasty literati painters is preference chrysanthemum patterns, they are alone in the mountains, low-key reservation, deep and remote cold lonely. Tang dynasty porcelain atmosphere, exquisite porcelain of song dynasty. Tang porcelain and win with grace nature, song porcelain is delicate and careful. Tang poetry, song poetry thought.

Tang Chaowen & other people; Better be the centurion, wins a scholar & throughout; , li bai and other Fifteen learn fencing & throughout; , & other A shot two tiger wear & throughout; ; The song dynasty literati frontier to appreciate the sand, and no longer want to advancement in their view is a vile kung fu in the business. Song poetry frontier, horses, and rarely appears in war. As if the spirit of tang poetry reflects the young, song poetry is full of middle-aged people calm and reflection.

(Joyce zhang, the historian)