Women of the republic of China on behalf of: Lin huiyin is China’s spiritual symbol of male

“her from the sea to”

zhang ailing

yu-liang pan


gong version of” the soul of a painter “

Lin (bottom)

in addition to xiao hong, recognized know female representative of the republic of China and Lin huiyin, Eileen chang it. Among them, some works are still being we ReDou, such as zhang ailing; Some fate still let us bitter sigh, such as xiao hong. Some magic has magically, such as Lin huiyin & hellip; & hellip; They represent a century of life memory, the memory solidified into a complex, from time to time in pushing our fine nerves.

“zhang ailing”

life is like an attack magnificent robes

& other; Known to early & throughout; Say, this is zhang ailing, eight years old before she had expected some kind of & other; Pushy than Lin yutang & throughout; . She is talented, words reveals the talents get, there is quite a small endowment emotional appeal, the creation of precocious talent let she performed in Shanghai, she do STH unconventional or unorthodox fashion pictures become Shanghai’s most famous journals, the cover of her name in the era of hua flicker.

her life is like a coin has two different printing picture, one side is costly legend, on the other side is lonely. Yes she had grandson, she fell in love with 38, at the age of 23, had two marriage and often wanna don’t married blossoms cheerly, do small three, she will be ruthless abandon; Old age in the United States had to move more than 180 times, 180 at the age of loneliness away, after the death of 7 genius was found.

she will always live in a world of the end of the road, she is better than all the people are awake, she said: & other; Life is a colorful gown, covered with lice. Throughout the &; Only she can see from mundanity and flashy cat and decay, and don’t see the count, and pen and write down in the same way as a blade.

extension [film]

the TV series her from the sea, Rene liu played this lonely woman. From 14 to 74 years old, being hurt, to be loved, she busy life like bloom of fireworks, fleeting & hellip; & hellip; Film rolling the world of mortals, brigitte Lin with her arrogant beautiful temperament, deduce the woman of the lonely life, her words, luxuriant desolate her unruly character, she was with a on political and personal character is extremely controversial man’s love.

【 yu-liang pan 】

after the pain hidden in purple

orphans & ndash; & ndash; Prostitute & ndash; & ndash; Concubines & ndash; & ndash; The painter & ndash; & ndash; Professor from China’s top universities & ndash; & ndash; The world famous artists, art this is yu-liang pan.

a woman can experience all that she had been in. A year old, was born in poor family. His father, and two years old sister died, lost eight years old, is uncle sold into 13 yi spring hospital. In brothels in the four years, she refused to meet guest, flight, disfigurement, commit suicide by hanging back; Painting in Paris, she once four months without and allowance, he received a letter from starvation is almost blind. In order not to miss the opportunity to Europe to study abroad, she reluctantly killed fetuses & hellip; & hellip;

in yu-liang pan photos or self-portrait, haven’t seen her smile. With her influence and achievements, she should be proud and wanton laughter. Childhood experiences, let her have been spent in inferiority, sensitive, timid, lonely. In her still lifes, flowers blooming and withering she often depicted is the subject; In her self-portrait, she is far from prostitutes amorous feelings, don’t even have a general woman’s charming but person, only the lion nose and thick lips, average looks.

[film extension]

a lot of people know yu-liang pan from the film and television play. In the TV series yu-liang pan, spirit rhyme girl zhenyao zheng played yu-liang pan, she moved with the perseverance and talented with the broken; In the TV series painting soul, michelle reis play yu-liang pan youth, middle-aged, twilight, devotes all his life, all the way colors; Two versions of the movie “the soul of a painter,” gong li and Li Mu away with their own style of deducing the yu-liang pan and perseverance and tenacity.

【 Lin 】

rain silky light wen wan

Lin, one of the children RaoXi, caring type of career women, a prolific writer, editor of a profession, a professional publisher. In Taiwan, she has been hailed as a literary & other; Very good head & throughout; ; In the mainland, she was acclaimed & other; The communication of the first batch of migratory birds on both sides of the straits, literary grandmother bole type of core & throughout; .

in Lin’s works have a book called “the life person, Lin”, she is proud of as a living person. Life, a man living in Beijing dialect, is: she learn sewing, knitting, calligraphy, painting, learn electronic organ, learn to drive & hellip; & hellip; Have to say, all in one & other; Women & throughout; , Lin is so different, it is so lucky. She has too much capital can be living: was born in a wealthy family, received a good education since childhood, grow in the open environment and atmosphere, intelligent and easy-going, a happy marriage. Her happiness, and also gives the happiness and warmth to others.

[film extension]

in many memory, Lin is always in the “city” that brushing her sister head, big eyes, round face girl eiko. In TuoLingSheng, & other; Outside the pavilion, trail edge & throughout; Distant picture, a foreign girl eiko had not been social edify, with pure eyes looking at the world, see the fate of some people in Beijing live in the bottom ups and downs.

【 Lin huiyin 】

Chinese know male spirit symbol

history, Lin huiyin’s name associated with the three top man: one is the building great master liang sicheng, one is a genius poet xu zhimo, one is the academic circles illuminating. Three men, one is her caring husband, for her care and considerate, and understand to appreciate; The source of her as a poetic, later to listen to her speech and soul belong to the blue sky; Is for her to Plato type love, life without a wife and son, but life accompanied by its neighbours. While Lin huiyin, architects, professors, poets and writers.

with Lin huiyin as & other; Women of the republic of China & throughout; The representative figure of, believe a lot of people there will be no objection. During the period of the republic of China as the first batch of female consciousness of the touch stone across the river, Lin huiyin’s & other; Successful & throughout; Is there for all to see & ndash; & ndash; Both teachers and motherhood, and a wife, a friend, she is perfectly for each life role.

was born of a bureaucratic intellectual family, Lin huiyin could depend on family background do wife comfortably, but she has to get himself into male mainstream society, seek to make. In her & other; Wife sitting room & throughout; Comfortable salon at the party, how many of the top men involved, we don’t know; Can know is that in the collisions and these men, Lin huiyin constructed a mind of their own world, step by step, also become & other; Know female representative & throughout; , & other Know the man spirit symbol & throughout; .

[film extension]

a dozen years ago, a film starring zhou xun, meticulously and slow show the world April day, for more affective Lin huiyin into the field of vision, also let more people understand the Lin huiyin and xu zhimo’s feelings. Although Huang Lei, zhou xun’s lingering performance to get the audience’s affirmation, but Lin huiyin posterity is not recognized. Lin huiyin’s son liang pointed out that the image of Lin huiyin ready to cry into a crybaby and his mother out quite well, and the feelings of Xu Lin idolization and dwarf father’s composition.