“Women workhouse” save coquettes: 1949 Beijing prostitutes documentary

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the republic, sexual abuse industry YouSheng power. One of the most prosperous in 1917, Beijing registered brothels amounted to 391, 3500 prostitutes, unlicensed prostitute estimates that more than 7000 people. In the Anti-Japanese War period, beiping per 250 women, there is 1 person was a prostitute. On November 21, 1949, the Beijing municipal government to eradicate prostitution action.

2000 white paper on China’s human rights situation in the 50 years of China’s human rights development: the first chapter of the highly affirmed the achievement & other; In November 1949, second people’s representative conference of Beijing took the lead to ban bawdry decision & hellip; & hellip; In a very short period of time, they made this for more than three thousand years in China, serious impact on women’s physical and mental health and dignity of sin is stamped out. Throughout the &;


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Peiping liberation, social situation was complex. Government though not immediately seized a brothel, but in the social security, at the same time, eliminate the chaos phenomenon also incorporate a brothel in control range, and the relevant public security bureau police station brothel in check clients from time to time, searching for drugs, after the bad guys.

given the brothel is the enemy of a hidden place, but it can’t be banned immediately, the Beijing municipal public security bureau from across Europe, and maintaining social security point of view put forward to control several regulations of brothels. Based on the provisions of the municipal government, the relevant public security bureau and the police station first to register a brothel, and through a variety of ways in parts.

some of the public security bureau ZhiAnGu to limit client to a brothel, carved & other; However, check off & throughout; The great circle stamp, to the police station. Detected after agreeing to carry on the education, and will build on the client id, invoice stamp. On one occasion, a 50-year-old man kiln, him without any documentation, police and white shirt in the old man led Angle cover up two bright red & other; However, check off & throughout; Great circle stamp. Later, a lift & other; Make a stamp! Throughout the &; Will the client away. Brothels began to depression, some boss closed, some prostitutes, ran to the brothels or in other areas were observed to make a living.

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in May 1949, the Beijing public security basic elimination of chaos phenomenon, the municipal government held a meeting, studies the prostitutes. The mayor said: & other; Brothels how to deal with, you must first send people know the situation, then decide processing guidelines. Throughout the &;

23 May, by the ministry of civil affairs, public security bureau, women’s federations and other units of the working group began investigating work. To the size of more than 200 brothels and prostitutes, the public security bureau and civil affairs bureau to write investigation materials, the history of the brothel, distribution, order, facilities, operating conditions and types, sources, and living conditions of prostitutes and reduced reasons, ideological situation reported to municipal party committee, municipal government and the central ministry of public security.

the civil affairs bureau also chosen the concentrated place of prostitutes and some utensils, POTS, bowls, cooking range mostly preparation is complete. The city women’s federation is responsible for policy training cadres from units transferred, please health doctor explain disease prevention knowledge. Bureau for holding the prostitutes after arranged production projects, such as spinning yarn, knitting, matchbox paste, playing clip Bei, etc.

on October 15, according to the municipal party committee and municipal government instructions, by the public security bureau, civil affairs bureau, women’s federations and other units to form & other; Closed brothels headquarters & throughout; A problem, the ministry of public security minister and the municipal public security bureau chief conductor.