Women’s embroidery painting “on the qingming festival 25000 yuan Just to give his son

children sick husband for a divorce

17, reporters in Beijing military region general hospital, met the 27-year-old Korean woman and her one-year-old half a boy, the son of hao (inset). At this point we boy is standing on the mother’s leg in pettish, play to mobile phone. & other; Children recover better after the surgery, can be discharged today. Throughout the &; Korea, says ms & other; In early February this year when I first got to Beijing, I have 4000 yuan in cash and embroidery painting “on the qingming festival, the time medical treatment cost is 40000 yuan, children can smooth operation, the in the mind really nervous. Throughout the &;

at the end of 2010, Ms. Han in ningxia hometown boy hao gave birth to a son. The birth of their son, however, pushed the Korean woman’s marriage to an end. & other; Just gave birth to the child soon, hospital diagnosed with heart intima electrical defect such as a variety of congenital diseases, let me give up the child. Throughout the &; Korea, says ms & other; When I hesitated, this just a few weeks of children always ask I blink my eyes and see his a pair insisted on living, I decided to leave him, but my husband and the husband’s family does not agree, I with children they don’t even let into the house after discharge, the last only a divorce. Throughout the &;

a person with children, Ms. Han only get market selling vegetables for a living. & other; Selling vegetables a day will make several dozens yuan, physically handicapped children, often to see a doctor to take medicine, always trying to make ends meet. Due to my ex-husband a has vanished, lack of money and had to borrowed from relatives and friends throughout the &; .

save treatment for son to embroider the qingming festival on the painting “

despite the hardships, but the Korean women were the most puzzled or the son of the operation of tens of thousands of yuan. & other; Selling cross-stitch is very popular in my hometown, I just want to rely on embroidery cross-stitch operation. Since the spring of 2011, I embroidered three or four hours every day. Throughout the &; Korea, says ms & other; In use for nearly three cotton shoes, after the 2.3 million stitches, earlier this year, I finally completed two meters long, 1 meter wide “qingming scroll” cross-stitch. Throughout the &;

see son’s condition deteriorated, Ms. Han decided to carry to Beijing for medical treatment. In to the hospital, the hospital Mr. Wang to help Ms. Han contacted western green shoots foundation and save the children fund. & other; The situation of the foundation will I posted online, there are a lot of good people in Beijing to come over to give me money, sent to me here in cash 12000 yuan. I have requested these good intention person to help me sell figure, but never sold. Had a company offered to help me with my friends’ stuff, but I finally will figure to the foundation. Throughout the &; Ms. Han said.

give the son pool operation of heart disease and other congenital diseases, single mother Ms. Han online auction it took a year, with 2.3 million needles embroiders “qingming scroll” cross-stitch (larger image). The picture with 25000 yuan price being taken away, but the buyer said that figure to children, let him remember mother do everything for him. Hospital yesterday, Ms. Han hope that through this newspaper to thank the good people, and hope to be able to say thanks to him personally.

Internet money don’t take picture recipients want to personally thank

on March 6, and guaranteed by the foundation we kid smoothly heart surgery, but at the moment, operation expenses is 25000 yuan, 40000 yuan. On March 9th, the west will save the children fund “qingming scroll” silent information posted online, reached 10000 yuan, the highest price 25000 yuan.

on March 13, number of Internet users after see silent information, expressed a willingness to pay. A netizen said willing to high for painting, but added: & other; I don’t leave to children, hope he later remember mother what he had done for! Throughout the &; Yesterday, reporters from save the children fund west liu confirmed that the net friend name is China, its $25000 payment has to account.

Korean women want to personally thank Mr China, but did not reveal any information all the time. & other; To the child kind, name I remember, I also remember that leaves a name not looks, but Mr Hua I am nothing. I want to thank you Mr To China through the Beijing morning post said. And hope to be able to say thank you to him personally. Throughout the &; Ms. Han said.