Women’s flea market to buy $100000 worth of painting for $7 (FIG.)

woman bought for $7 to $100000 paintings

Beijing, Sept. 10 (xinhua) according to foreign media reports, the United States in Virginia, a woman, a year and a half ago in prowling around a flea market for $7 price bought a landscape painting, and she bought the painting only because she felt that the frame is very beautiful. As she prepared to frame the canvas tore away, my mother suggested that she’d better ask an expert appraisal for the painting. When experts on the painting after appraisal, found that it actually is the French impressionist painters, including a real for many years, its value is as high as $100000.

it is reported that the woman, who isn’t willing to open their real names, only said he and other Renoir girl & throughout; . It is understood that she originally just look out of the picture frame, then spend $7 to buy home. Back home, she was going to tear down the frame of painting, put on another art. Just before she start to tear the painting on the back of the paper, her mother’s advice to be on the safe side, please experts to identify the best.

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flea market

via expert appraisal, the painting is in the late 1870 s French impressionist painter renoir painted the Seine river scenery, its valuation could be as high as $100000. Experts found after study of the history of the painting, the painting was from France in 1925 & other; Bernheim – Jeune” Gallery purchased, from then on, disappeared into the public eye, unaccounted for.

, experts say, this picture is worth 100000’s why will be reduced to a flea market, and eventually sell for $7, now is still a mystery. When & other; Renoir girl & throughout; Learned that after the appraisal result, she was stunned. She said, considering the painting so precious, so she does not intend to keep it at home, but decided to entrust auction house to sell it.