World best bookstore: imposing costly degree comparable to the five-star hotel (FIG.)

“dot eyeball” have you ever fantasy in the one thousand – year – old church while enjoying the mural side pick a book? Go to the resplendent and magnificent home reading books and newspapers in the mini box in the theatre? Come to the gallery to coffee to admire the picture album? Borrow on April 23, this belongs to & other; Throughout the world book and copyright day &; The day of travel in the vast read more, enjoy the scenery different bookstores.

1. Gorgeous theater turned to reading the heavens and the earth — Argentina Buenos Aires athenians bookstore

of Maastricht in the Netherlands, lex church called heaven bookstore, bookstore

ranked first in the list of multiple global bookstore

& other; In Buenos Aires do not need to look for books, because books everywhere here. Throughout the &; How come into the world of books can not go to bookshops, by discarded theatre make the athenians bookstore is to understand the choice of books. The plane has just arrived in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, Ethiopia international airport, I will not wait want to explore the legendary theater bookstore. Because the bookstore is not in our trip, the last in my strong insistence, a group of us aboard a bus came to the Athens in 1860 Santa FE Buenos Aires street bookstore. Buses stop at the bookstore, disappointed mood arises spontaneously. The appearance of the bookstore special ordinary, the entry is much smaller than we think. And passes between two white columns pushed open the glass door of that a moment, my eyes in an instant by wandering into focus, the journey tired suddenly woke up with a start. In front of the huge red velvet curtain strong covers my eyes, this is the core of the original theatre area. Behind the curtain is a stage, has now been transformed into the cafe, put many comfortable chairs and table, can sit to read here, also can drink a cup of coffee to eat snacks. In addition here & other; The menu & throughout; Is also very worthy of careful study, it all according to the score of the establishment, is very pleasing.

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the athenians bookstore retained the Sydney opera house unique spotlights and architectural structure

luxury degree comparable to a five-star hotel

visit tongda underground layer next to the ladder, the panoramic perspective can look around the theater bookstore. Looked up and visible dome murals, the original balcony, ornate carvings and wide variety of books. On the elevator, came to the bottom, here is the paradise of children, selling children’s books and toys, go to the window of the put mask stage actor model, it can no longer move pace, will have to sell the cupboard of goods transferred to their own hands was satisfied to leave. The second sale of education classes and professional books, peer a teacher will stay at this level all the time, of course also harvest quite abundant, bought two book presents but not domestic. The third layer selling albums and DVDS, many precious classical music CD can buy here. The fourth floor still retains some seats, where readers can quiet reading, and overlooking the whole book stores. Mini reading room is transformed from the original box I love most, nature will keep most of their time in the world unique private reading space. It is located on the second floor of the bookstore, respectively in the left and right sides of the stage. I got the located on the left side of the box, inside the space is not large, facilities is also very simple, just put two sofa chair, point a cup of coffee, holding a book, feeling into the dream. Since time is limited, I have not been here to enjoy it. Suggest that have a chance to go to a friend of Buenos Aires, be sure to take time, quiet in this mini box for a day. Here not only provides you with a reading room, in the eyes feel tired, you can also rely on rail appreciate the scenery of the theatre and come and go read a book, or buy a book. Of particular note is that the box so popular with the geeks, a little bit later to cannot preempt the location, so be sure to catch in the bookshop when I opened the door to the second floor balcony. All my friends with wanting more out of the bookstore, we empty into the bookstore, all with their own booty, go to the next destination.