Write 200000 disabled writer mouth chopsticks evidences Beckham tribute (FIG.)


with the mouth diao pen is book signing yun-peng zhang (left), Zhang Yuncheng (right).

how difficult is it to life. He is the answer. At the age of 10 can also picked up a pillow, now there are only a finger move. Rely on hold chopsticks, keyboard, he completed the 200000 – word “flying” in another way. Yesterday, the disabled writer Zhang Yuncheng in xidan book building book signing. Shout to a group of readers, with a dozen or even dozens of books want him to sign, but to let him sign.

Beckham is his fans

Zhang Yuncheng was the three old four, five pools in heilongjiang province. Second brother Zhang Yuncai is a cripple, three elder brother yun-peng zhang, like he had & other; Progressive muscular dystrophy & throughout; . They played better than anyone know my future, & other; We survive, 28, will eventually died of lung muscle atrophy can’t breathe suffocation & throughout; . But this does not affect his writing, more fortunately, he was 32 years old this year.

in 2003, Zhang Yuncheng finished. “if I could walk for three days.” The book is not only the content of the sample & other; O ‘clock & throughout; High school English classes, after soccer star David Beckham told his story, take the initiative to mention the matter to the media: & other; I think I may be compared to the others can understand ZHANG, we’ve all been some & lsquo; Chain & rsquo; Locked, and it is hard to break free, but no one can ban yearning, more can prevent us from each other incentives. To ZHANG, I’d like to express my respect and blessing of the New Year, let us imagine walking together, even if only three days! Throughout the &;

a reader bought 100 book

“in a way to fly” recorded the disabled elder brother sa to Beijing after a vegetables seller, sell a painting, a write for a north drift life. Among them, have moved five times in a year but the reality of the home, have to fly to Taiwan to receive & other; The world love life throughout the medal &; Experience of happiness, and, of course, said can say love.

Zhang Yuncheng fans unexpected enthusiasm, each hand is holding a stack of books, most of a reader has bought 100 copies. Lin, 29, from the ministry of public security, he please Zhang Yuncheng in writing & other appears on the title page of the book; A good living. Come on! Throughout the &; A few words. & other; The book I want on the unit’s public bookshelves, make your co-workers can see there are people with such courage in the face of such fate & throughout; .

more than two hours, Zhang Yuncheng and yun-peng zhang sign the sale of 500 new book. Lame second brother’s arms are Zhang Yuncheng signing of stents, after each sign a book, second brother will immediately put off Zhang Yuncheng mouth, good let brother break mouth, people were moved emotionally.