Writer huang Yun said heat sad: s republic of China is a very bad

yellow Yun

“autumn water chestnut”

“ancient incense non-blue”

“between the marks are scattered album”

“” autumn” and “horseshoe” is “chuang tzu” title, author, bibliophile Yun huang was born in autumn, combined with the animal sign is the horse, directly take essay made the name of the new book “autumn water chestnut”, meaning in the autumn in the wilderness, as he & other; Wandering in the republic of China in the old newspaper & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; This & other; Travel & throughout; Brings great joy to yellow Yun, last year, he also had a book about the characters during the period of the republic of China “the ancient incense different color”.

yellow Yun is suzhou, collect a lot of books and newspapers and periodicals of the republic of China, especially good at digging in the republic of China, the tabloids details, focus during the period of the republic of China in suzhou, and modern famous experience in suzhou, understand many little-known unofficial history and their stories. Other published “between the marks are scattered album” words book, how half literary and half vernacular style, very funny.

of the republic of China is a very bad s

yellow Yun (author)

after graduating from high school, I work in a factory, three shifts. Away from their parents, to live the kind of collective dormitory workers, as we all know, environment is bad. Everybody’s amateur life is not play mahjong, but I grew up in a teacher family, mahjong playing CARDS. Smoking and drinking, I try to numb themselves, but can’t.

factory near suzhou city, I every night after work, rubbing his sleepy eyes, drop a few dollars in his pocket, from the suburbs to guanqian street to wander, to pass the day forever. Are hungry look fresh, also have YangKuang from time to time. Remember is holding a roast chicken in guanqian street walk while eating, the in the mind plays a temporal unfortunately feel quite a bit. Probably is to read the west-wing, had this funny show, young when thought highly of, no ability, frustration is very strong, in the society, of course, the heart of the setbacks more than the reality, is more sad, so for a long time, and always with a solitary heart injury. That is a shade of pack years.