Writer yuan mei in qing dynasty is the hype expert with the garden into “cash”

with the garden was a famous writer in the qing dynasty yuan mei’s private garden, artistic imitation, but having a unique style, have & other Heaven on earth & throughout; Good name. That year, yuan mei relies on the first-class means of hype, along with the garden into their & other; Cash & throughout; .

this extravagant garden was originally Cao Yin construction of cao xueqin’s grandfather. After cao cao is ChaoMei, this garden belongs to the succession weaving SuiHeDe, renamed SuiYuan. SuiHeDe bureaucracy is a lack of appeal, no cure the pleasure of the garden, the garden is broken, the value of yuan mei know garden, spent three hundred and twenty pieces of silver from the house of sui and purchased the posterity, the elaborate restoration, entitled & other; Along with the garden & throughout; .

yuan mei lived more than 80 years, only a decade, and small officer or a magistrate of a county, almost no legitimate career after age 40, but dare to spend a huge sum of money to buy and reconstruction with the garden, the money come from?

originally, yuan mei’s first master in commercial hype in the qing dynasty, through continuous hype, earned a large sum of money. Yuan mei for business planning step-by-step, train of thought is very clear. First, he spent a lot of money to reconstruct with garden, repaired doesn’t ring it up for his family to enjoy, but deliberately tear down walls, let visitors in the garden at random, the purpose is to make people know the city of jiangning has such beautiful water show a mountain environment deep and remote places. Certain reputation, the garden has a certain number of tourists, he wrote a book with the garden food list, to render the private garden and home kitchen cooking of food high level, to inspire those keen appetite of people’s interests. Yuan mei is great research on diet atmosphere, every guest has come, he would call a person to table some scenery very beautiful TingXie, also arranged for autotrophic beauty of singing and dancing, eating with garden business was very hot. When the over heat of personal popularity JiJu rise, yuan mei began to expand the scope of business, selling the complete works along with the garden in the garden, the garden food with form, such as book, his book was in short supply. Only sell a book, yuan mei year income 34000 liang silver. After middle age, parties to yuan mei, please write to socialize, yuan mei to the net, the epitaph inscriptional record, life of sequence Yu, as long as give full of silver and absolute service 3 packets, and make a fortune.