Writer zhang xian2 liang4: “spirit and flesh”, “half of man is woman,” and so on

main literature writer zhang xian2 liang4

a, “spirit and flesh”

Xu Ling have also met with the father. This is a display of exquisite living room, in the seventh floor of the advanced hotel. Out of the window, there is only one piece of oceans of blue sky, with scattered a few silk white clouds. And there, in the loess plateau of the farm, outside the window is green and yellow field, broaden and enrich. He arrived here, like suddenly up to the clouds, have a feeling of rickety, coupled with the father of pipe spouted smoke like mist floating indoors, make everything in sight was more like an elusive illusion. Father or absorption, however, that of Indian chief head pipe tobacco, such as a child he often smell, sweet aroma of coffee, and confirmed that this is not a dream from the smell, but the reality really. & other; The past let bygones be bygones! Throughout the &; With a wave of his hand, his father put his hand. Early in the decade after he obtained a bachelor’s degree at harvard, has remained in Ken in season, now that he was wearing a tweed suit, with his legs sitting on the sofa. & other; I’ll be the one to the mainland, a political term, called & lsquo; Looking forward & rsquo; . Are you going to go abroad or faster! Throughout the &; The room furnishings and his father’s clothes made him feel sense of depression. He thought, the past is gone, but how can you forget?

2, “the edge of the novel”

back from ill, lying in bed rest. Suddenly got a call from international calls Mr Shen ice from snow pear, said he and his friends to do magazine, recreational wanted me to write an essay. Think of in Australia is warm reception, the friendly faces has emerged. From the requirement of Oceania, is can’t refuse, even if the disease, also have to talk about recreation in the disease. Mr Ailment is actually a pastime, it would have said. But ill just right, neither falling desperately without sequela, and unapt & other; Poor sick down & throughout; , can afford to pay medical expenses, it is to enjoy, a bit & other; Have a rest & stop throughout; The taste of. Napoleon is said to have the pleasure of your job, of course, since ancient times to the present this kind of workaholic person also many. Now the rich in & other; Throughout the &; The pitch pastime. G. L. F— & ndash; Green, sunshine, take a walk, how beautiful! Don’t say of a club and listen to all make people comfortable. I don’t know how to play golf, often appears on the outside the stadium to see lovers holding a cue walk at my leisure.

3, “first kiss”

after the new semester, summer vacation I in a school. Mother said that I have is a middle school student, can’t like primary school, any primary school will do. Mother said this middle school is a famous high school, she still holds the people based on just sent me to go in, because new generally don’t accept like this famous middle school students. Mother told me to go to school as usual with tears again. I’m afraid of see her tears. Mom is at ordinary times, like to laugh as long as her eyes welled tears, then again what happened between she and dad. I don’t know what it is, but always some terrible things. Every time she looked at me with tears, I turned away, avoiding her eyes, heart pounding, a yearning for the outside big good spring scenery. By then, the willow tree had bowed his pale green branches, in the courtyard of the two strains of peach tree also opened clusters of pink flowers; Our yard and a massive ancient strains, which often stop to rest with a variety of birds, when I am going out chattering is lively.

4, “greening tree”

squeaky cart hard turned arch bridge, is we to the employment of the farm. Under the bridge is a dry winter. Canal DAMS stand on both sides of the yellow ice grass, still, there are a few started up by cart lizard crawling rustling in the bushes. Wooden bridge so humble, bridge deck shop of loess, and traffic has been ground into fine powder. Loess, reed traverse to the child as a substrate, bares the ends of the uneven, almost fell to canal bottom of a layer of mud leather, so that it looks bridge deck are much wider than the width of the actual. Carter, however, is still not out of the car, although three horse snorts to stagger, turning the begging eyes, thick clouds nostrils spouted cloudy white gas, he sat on the shaft straightly, seriously from the chassis using knock knees bent down skillfully, firmly when the local car drove through the bridge like a trap. Animals are not stronger than me. I have already wasted too much, one meter of seven or eight children, only 44 kg, can be said to be nothing more than skin and bones. The penal doctor touches the mouth when I walked down the scale, such praise me, & other; Good job! You are still alive. Throughout the &; He thinks it’s a miracle I can survive; He has the right to share my pride. But this a few cattle horse but nobody CARES about them. Bony big head on a stick usually neck, eyes above all have a deep pit. They tried, can be seen from a grinning mouth frayed mutilated yellow teeth. A horse mare’s lips were bridle, out of the gap, a ray of bright red blood from the wound already sweat, drop in the road along the way, on a piece of yellow dust particularly conspicuous.

Five, “one hundred and sixty million”

a narrative is a great outstanding figures for China’s future is how to form embryos. Ending to the book, the great outstanding man is not born, only conceived in the matrix, so the book can be regarded as a prequel. After more than forty years, that is, to around the year 050, everyone around the world know the great Chinese elite. But now his parents relatives and their friends lovers and so on, the vast majority of not only alive, some still very young. In order to book mentioned in everyone’s life in the current without interference, thus the author don’t write their real name as much as possible. Convenient for narrative, in some places have to be someone’s name, name of the institution as a symbol, the author is to name the name at random. The reality today someone’s name and name the same as the name of the author at the name, quite by accident, please don’t reserved seats.

6, “the man is half is a woman”

how many times I want to record the experience, but not feel part of the experience, is to aware of having to hide something to be ashamed of the experience, is finally written. One is often the opposite of himself. Wear window and into the sunshine, XieHui on the east wall painted in bright, golden yellow. Stay on the landscape axis moth soars up, silence in the room. The sun is about to walk the own road, but she also will rise tomorrow, still along the way the cycle of the same animation stone; A moth but maybe wait till tomorrow will die, become a handful of dust. The myriad creatures live and die, some consciously, some do not consciously, but the pursuit of the ridiculous immortality and eternal. In fact, all creatures have been forever, even if it only existed for a second in the world. That for a second there is eternal. I don’t want to go to the pursuit of elusive of eternity. Eternal, already exist in my life.

7, another way of thinking of Chinese literati

all starting from the liberation of man & ndash; & ndash; I dedicate this article to commemorate 30 years of reform and opening-up, deng xiaoping advocated in the late 1970 s, & quot; Thought liberation & quot; Movement, in Chinese intellectual history, culture history, and even the whole history of the 20th century in China, its scale and profound social influence, I think more than & quot; The May 4th movement & quot; . That’s not initiation, by a cultural elite holding & quot; Mr. Mr & quot; Banner of the trend, but a burst of, is generally depressed by the common flares after long-term; Not only loose the chains of the mind, hands and feet on the chain is broken, the whole society suddenly produce a kind of unprecedented tension. From the top and elite until ordinary people, the Chinese people almost everyone has. More important is that beyond the ideological liberation, all started with the liberation of the people. No one of liberation, there isn’t the liberation of thought. So, people call the period & quot; The second liberation & quot; And I think that is real & quot; Liberation & quot; .

Eight, “the old man and the dog”

the dog like ten million dogs in the countryside, it has no significant features, more is not a rare purebred dogs. This is a yellow cultivates the male dog. Smooth in color than other dogs, perhaps some, some body to be ready than other dogs, but they can never show income in the legend to the moving story. Its owner, and hundreds of millions farmers in the rural, if not I worked in his production team, if not he and his dog’s special relationship aroused my interest, I could not notice such an extremely ordinary rural old man. This is a lonely old man about sixty years old, is neither tall nor short, hunched slightly, start to hands or micro thrust forward, back or fall behind, always with a pair of in a hurry and solemn expression. When idle, a person squatting in the foot or sit cross-legged on kang trance, mouth holding a long rod YanGuo, pit-a-pat had smoked a pot and a pot. His purple although picturing a road wrinkles on the face, but these wrinkles are all along the texture of facial muscles, not as close as old intellectuals facial wrinkles. His eyes is not big, the eye also some cloudy, but sometimes also struck a little older people experienced wisdom. Of course, his hair and beard are white, but not bald. In short, as long as you saw him, can see while he is that kind of depressive with general lonely boring, but it’s still a sane, strong man. He is in the production of every trade generalists, sometimes vegetables, sometimes ganju, sometimes cattle feeding, production team to do as he sent his workpoint remuneration and never complains.

9, of the sons of the river, “

Yang fell behind the face peaks, Wei Tiangui donkey cart just go out to the side of the highway slopes of the fork in the road, through a momentum, kuang Tang kuang Tang to slope slip down the road along the Banks of the river. So the blare of the car on the asphalt far out sound; Thin twilight, in the east, from the Yellow River beach there tired tired to diffuse. A piece of light blue twilight of seems to filter all the noise. Now, only & other; G & ndash; & ndash; G & throughout; Frogs, sometimes from here or there idly ring so one or two. Come to here, in order to be out of the city, set foot on the rural land. The west, across the tarmac road is like the Great Wall of the roadbed, can see the mountains of the top, the afterglow of the setting sun draw the outline of the outline of a face peaks. It really, really like a human face on his back. The platform on the top of the hill like a broad forehead, a prominent crags and under which the steep cliffs, constitutes the towering square and dark eyes. , down a sloping mountain ridge and the barrier at the end of the vertical and the high cliff, is a little pride on the nose. Then, a clear line of jagged peaks with two pieces of the qing closed lips, finally, a dome determine gave whole face a stubborn chin, it lay on the ridge of the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years.

10, “the black cannon romance”

some people think it very difficult to write novels, thought that the language of this kind of mental work must have what is not words but meanings of know-how, or absolutely need talent, need, need beyond the imagination of ordinary people. It’s not. Anywhere at any time in the life are the story, can almost FuShe for a quick. You see, the boulevard bustling, jostling to walk, some leisure, and some fun, some look in all directions, working on some else, strolling down some gaudy in pairs, cotton & hellip; & hellip; Also don’t say those who sit to ride a bicycle, electric car, stand on the bus and on car comfortable sofa a lot of people. As long as you gaze at any of the hundreds of thousands of people, if you have a was, there is a strong toughness, don’t have a plane to the root, don’t never settle at exactly stubborn temper, then, you will get one or several of the man interesting story. You put him and around him, truthfully record then, is a novel.