Writers bucket “small three” suspected hype new source parenting “accidentally”

recently, the famous writer online self destruct the husband have small three events become the focus of anecdotal, and although the in the large bother to struggle against small three, but reporters on March 31, survey, work is also very busy recently, book, pushing, write a script error. April 18th book launch, and according to the before novel series “minds” will also be on the TV screen in May.

book title is “the little lover,” will rediscover education son & other; I have to & throughout; Some of the experience of sui generis. In this book, the recorded the preschool of son and I have to spend the most precious time in this period of children’s growth, book launch choice on April 18, interview will be appeared in conference.

similarly, in addition to the new book, according to the producers propaganda, according to the novel, personally wrote the TV series “minds” by its will log in several TV screen in May. The show is the “Wang Gui and Anna”, after the’s latest film. At the same time, this is the out of daughter-in-law, family class subjects after transformation, can say, this is extremely important in screenwriter career. “Minds”, the will from big writers to qualify for gold medal screenwriter; “Minds”, declaring the transformation fails. The reporter also learned that living in Singapore for many years, has recently been settled back to Shanghai, and is closed to write a script education subjects.

new book, play, work recently very busy, but just was found in the husband and have small three hot topics, whether want to? Reporter contact within, but never in an interview, but the reporter can be assumed that the upcoming book launch and new campaign, will become the focus of media attention.