Writers live in cave drinking water’s visit to the savage 36 years had been when spy mountain rounded up

living drinking water cave

Li Guohua searched for a 62 – year – old savage 36 years

Li Guohua, born in 1950, hubei yichang. Worked as a lumberjack, ensemble member, an expedition, member of China association for science and exploration, journalists.

since 1976, long-term in shennongjia insisted exotic animals & other; Savage & throughout; The mystery of exploration research. In 1984 transferred to shennongjia nature reserve in research institutes. While engaged in the study of the ecological habit of the golden monkeys, insist on own inspection & other; Savage & throughout; . In the golden monkey life habits in China’s first reflect the nature of TV “shennongjia golden monkey”. To be involved in programming of the shennongjia golden monkey groups life “research monographs.

now have the “my savage career”, long documentary novel works “the life of the sprint” was awarded the first prize for 2005 Chinese BBS report writer century literature. Because of the outstanding contribution to shennongjia ecological environment construction and won & other; 2004 the spirit of hundreds of outstanding figures & throughout; Such as honor.

the donkey line, exploration, even wearing a miner’s lamp into hundreds of meters deep cave & hellip; & hellip; Compared to today with his new book of the story the are so childish & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Li Guohua, 62 – year – old this year, his new book, “the 1976 & ndash; 2012 my savage life”, he is 36 years exploration & other; Savage & throughout; Mysteries of science adventure notes together. Live in a cave, drinking water, but also has been mistaken for spy in search mountain rounded up & hellip; & hellip; Li Guohua told the chongqing morning news reporters, his experience is an adventure activity, can also be seen as an inspirational story for 36 years, but he want to information is passed to all people, & other; Chinese people are too need the spirit of science and exploration & throughout; .

savage shennongjia searched 36 years

“my savage life, 1976 & ndash; 2012 for positioning & other Adventure nonfiction & throughout; , in the book, Li Guohua detailed account and restore the past 36 years, he in shennongjia in dabashan mountain vast mountains and the surrounding, expedition hundreds of caves grottoes.

in addition to reject, Li Guohua of savage information will be visited more than 90 natural villages, lived more than 200 mountains family, interview savage witnesses of more than 400 people. & other; My science adventure notes there are millions of words, more than 20 books only select one word & throughout; Li Guohua this book is divided into 34 sections, photographs, illustrations are abundant. & other; The past may only appear in the imagination of predators, flash floods, landslides, October summer hail, snow, etc., when I was in shennongjia forest after the savage original are met. Throughout the &;

in 1976 began to track savage before Li Guohua loggers, ensemble members. & other; Intense curiosity and exploration of science really long for, should be driven, support me to go down. Throughout the &; Li Guohua said, using the language of science explanation, his pursuit of the wild man should be a kind of human collateral relatives living fossil great apes.