Wu zetian choice young men three necessary conditions: young, beautiful, strong and healthy

of the tang dynasty had (figure)


in ancient times, men can recruit wife concubinage, fair and square can openly recruit wives, princess; Accessories and as a man, a woman can only with other several dozens, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of women Shared a man, can you share also said the two. In its essence, or a & other; Power & throughout; Words. Nap when men and women would occasionally in power, but the deep-rooted feudal ethical code and women under the traditional ideas for long-term suppression of physiological needs to form a unique missish, determines the women don’t like a man in possession of the opposite sex less fanfare, do whatever you want. So the secret recruit young men, or secret lover, as they used to the best way to solve the mental and physical desires and main way.

young men, also called the first surface, surface, the beauty of appearance; First, the beauty of the hair. Play with the handsome man home, that is, for the old lady. In history, a strong woman and the secret recruit young men of the things happen, such as, in addition to the western jin jia south wind & other; With the cure too much to process according to the inside and outside such as disorderly akira & throughout; And also sent round looking & other; Graceful beauty check & throughout; Place & other; Beadle & throughout; (” the Book of Jin “); BeiWeiFengTaiHou first & other; In pet & lee implement throughout; And see & other; The king 叡 discrepancy lie inside & throughout; And later & other; Li Chong & hellip; & hellip; See also by pet smoothly & throughout; (wei book); Beiqi hu queen mother & other; With a samana haze offered through & throughout; That left in high latitude & other; The queen mother, see two less, yue and called, is the man also & throughout; (beiqi book), and so on. Compared with them, wu zetian (624 & ndash; 705) on the top, so there are some different in terms of recruit young men.

it should be said that wu zetian recruit young men, is primarily used to douse the desire, it has to do with Wu Shi family women generally sexual desire strong genes. Wu zetian’s mother rong-guo mansion (princess change seals taiyuan) after age eighty-eight, still desire, even with his grandson He Lanmin of incest and adultery, “old tang book” said & other; Susceptibility of both young beauty of color, Zheng rong-guo yu lady & throughout; , the new tang book “said & other; Susceptibility of ShaoXiu, Zheng rong-guo yu & throughout; , even the rigor of sima guang in the history as a mirror, also called & other; Susceptibility of beauty, steamed in taiyuan princess & throughout; Visible, it is not fiction. In addition, wu zetian’s daughter, princess taiping, sister Korea lady, niece Mrs Wei is not fuel-efficient lights in private life, wu zetian in the family will be no exception.

palace, wu zetian fourteen revenues from & other; Emperor taizong smell its beauty, called into the palace & throughout; ) (” old tang book “record, coveted would never let her go. However, because of wu zetian strong character, lack of the woman of that kind of weak, taizong aside, shortly in bench for twelve years. So, wu zetian sterile, titles has also been a talent. After emperor taizong died, wu zetian monk, remarried don the emperor. After tang Gao Zongyou eighth four women, including four children, two women are born to wu zetian, after this, enough to show the greed of wu zetian in sex and bullying. The emperor in the late tang sick, the body becomes poor, wu zetian’s sexual desire was suppressed, chasing power, however, to some extent, dilute the physiological desire of wu zetian.

power, is a man of viagra, is also a woman aphrodisiac, and position is higher, the greater the power, this kind of the more intense the move from the body and mind. Buddhism first year (683), tang died of the emperor, wu zetian power, physical and mental relaxation, long zhi physiological desire under the stimulus of power activated again, so the young men to be wu zetian the widow’s necessities. Since then, huaiyi and Shen Na Qiu, Zhang Yizhi, Zhang Changzong famous young men, have become the bedspread partner wu zetian. Wheresoever, murphy wang soil; “Servants”, all men a dime a dozen, wu zetian servants man is not in the minority. So, wu zetian in choice young men have what pay attention to? From the existing historical materials, the author found some clues.

wu zetian young men are men. Huaiyi & other; Wedding portraits, brawn & throughout; (” old tang book “), and other Throughout the invasion &; (the new tang book “), is a good looks, tall, strong, handsome. No historical data records Shen Na Qiu appearance, but he can go into the palace, dedicated to the emperor, empress and other high-end character to see the doctor, at the very least, is a moderate and elegant handsome man. Zhang Yizhi & other; Throughout more than 20 years, white and beautiful enshrouded &; , Zhang Changzong & other; Surface like a lotus flower & throughout; (” old tang book “), both looks very beautiful. In addition, from & other; Days after the beauty around young to serve throughout zichen consecrate &; And & other Just give up in the royal on LiuMo said LiangBin white American man, & hellip; & hellip; Specifically to the into comparable to serve throughout the zichen & worship; (” old tang book “), youth and beauty is the first condition of wu zetian selected young men.

wu zetian young men are male. Huaiyi & other; Has a lot of material to use, can nearly waits & throughout; (” old tang book “), after wu zetian try & other; Yue throughout the &; (the new tang book “), and & other; Well meet day deep & throughout; (” old tang book “). Shen Na Qiu is huaiyi substitutes, “the history of tang dynasty” said & other; South Qiu room, don’t let bosom righteousness, Wu Shi just also HuanWei & throughout; And high reliability. Wu zetian was satisfied with the bed Zhang Changzong, while & other; Ez is used throughout the &; More, wait, wu zetian & other; But even summoned, very yue. Is brother jiu shi palaces, & hellip; & hellip; Throughout all the spoil of the monarch Yang &; (” old tang book “). In addition, from & other; Left the prison guard ZhuangWei Shi Hou xiangyun Yang road, long, too huaiyi, specifically to the into comparable to serve throughout the zichen & worship; (” old tang book “), you shall not uncover the nakedness of wu zetian of young men is quite concerned.

young, beautiful, strong, is wu zetian select three of the prerequisite of young men. On the demand, will be its good. So, whether accord with these three conditions of man, can act as wu zetian young men? No. The tang dynasty literati Song Zhiwen ate of wu zetian. Song Zhiwen very talented, and & other; Wei instrument appearance, male argue in throughout the &; (the new tang book “), various conditions are good. Wu zetian ordered & other; Beauty around young to serve throughout zichen consecrate &; Stirs, Song Zhiwen, also want to contribute to wu zetian, and dedicated to the empress wu wrote a poem that confessional. & other; The day to see his poems, Cui Rong yue: & lsquo; I asked how to adjust don’t know, but with its mouth. & rsquo; Over to ask tooth disease, often smelly mouth also. Ask the lifelong shame anger & throughout; (the) taiping guang ji.

wu zetian refused Song Zhiwen, except that he has & other; Bad breath & throughout; , also because he is too sexually explicit. Emperor wu zetian is, although the desire “, but after all, she is a woman, still have to keep the necessary reserve. Song Zhiwen so obvious, and has a physical defects, let alone wu zetian don’t like him, dare not close with him, just like bad also promised. In fact, with the exception of Song Zhiwen, every open cover, whether father presented son & other; White American man & throughout; Or the govenment & other; Yang tao ZhuangWei, too huaiyi & throughout; (” old tang book “), wu zetian, was turned down. Wu zetian was stupid, & from other Beauty around young to serve throughout zichen consecrate &; Imperial edicts, under the admonition of Zhu Jingze also abolished. Visible, wu zetian choice young men or pay great attention to the impact of.

affected by family genes by power factors stimulation, wu zetian age although desire stimulated, but a lifetime is just four young men. Four people, the huaiyi’s daughter princess quietly taffy Zhang Changzong was recommended, the princess taiping secret Zhang Yizhi Zhang Changzong is helping to introduce, Shen Na Qiu is wu zetian underground lover, has not been into the palace. Since the drop arch (685) of the first year of huaiyi into shi, wu zetian & other; Although the spring and autumn period and the high, good since TuZe, although no one around its failure & throughout; (the new tang book “). Modern medicine has proved that the men’s sperm have a beauty to raise colour effect and eternal youth vitality, have got experiment on wu zetian. Have the love of moist, wu zetian refreshed, trying to display talent, governing the open age kaiyuan laid the foundation.

in addition to meet the desire of body and mind, the author thinks that, wu zetian, there is still a political need to recruit young men. Wu zetian life pursuit of power, especially in the stage of nervous before peanuts and lazy after aging stage, some secret thing needed help, and she has a skin of young men is undoubtedly the most reliable person. Such as, wu zetian huaiyi as monks, & other; Made the great cloud sutra, Chen Fu life, said the day is growing maitreya, be yan float to Lord, down syndrome or micro & throughout; (” old tang book “), to wu zetian proclaimed himself, and he reigned in the zhou dynasty tang to do publicity. As another example, wu zetian appointed Zhang Changzong write to, & other; From the Taoism English within. Is cited literature Li Jiao, Yan Chao en & hellip; & hellip; 26 people, such as classified from set & throughout; That is actually in order to develop close procession.

without the help of the young men, wu zetian are not necessarily well began to reign; No young men’s love, wu zetian necessarily eternal youth. This, as a direct beneficiary, wu zetian knows, so a few young men esteem. Such as, at the beginning of wu zetian huaiyi Liang Guogong, sealing and change after a frenzy of hubei, column, let him enjoy the splendor. If it is not huaiyi jealousness borne, capricious quickly, a fire to the hall, wu zetian won’t painful laid hands on him. Such as, Shen Na Qiu after death, wu zetian cry a, and acknowledged a, to commemorate. As another example, wu zetian age & other; In the spring and autumn is high, the politics of the committee, the more brothers & throughout; (” old tang book “), two human rights in one’s hand, and even competing to Wu Chengsi, wu think twice for its ZhiBian horse. Wu zetian, as it were, to the young men show extremely forbearance.

because young men, wu zetian was the criticism of the world. Somebody said wu zetian into a lewd shameless SAO woman, someone even coined “mr.right” such filthy uglification wu zetian, to kill and negative wu zetian in history to show off. To be fair, wu zetian’s physiological needs to be strong, but she throughout his life also only just four young men, with the emperor taizong, the emperor tang dynasty, tang dynasty beauties, tens of thousands of proportion. Moreover, wu zetian recruit young men, the tang dynasty the emperor is dead, wu zetian was a widow is a single, is a normal dating, there exists no problem of sensuality. If find a few young men to comfort the mind and body, and sent lonely, also calculate goes against the traditional, so, this is wu zetian fresh excitement in life.

(705) in the first month of the first year of the dragon, zhang and others a coup of Cambodia, kill zhang brothers, forced wu zetian abdication, Li Tang Renaissance. Wu zetian, the half a century of political battle is often a winner, ultimately did not escape the tragic fate. Lost power support, especially the lack of love moist, empress wu, a eighty-two – year – old lonely without, physical and mental collapse, soon withered. In November, wu zetian died, and the emperor tang buried the qian tomb. The qian tomb rosefinch gate are two stone tablets, one for the emperor of the tang SAN tablet, one for no words of wu zetian stone, are of wu zetian was made. No words tablet with a complete piece of carved from stone, tall, vigorous tall and thick, monuments, first as a semicircle, monuments, the top middle position slightly concave. This special modelling, give a person with infinite imagination. (this article “what you don’t know the emperor, Liu Jixing bing-guang liu, tsinghua university press)