Wu zetian skin care tips: painted the face with rice water mix motherwort ash (FIG.)

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enter the autumn, even she never skin care men to prevent dryness, anti-cracking, sooner or later will also apply to face and hands to protect skin to taste. Cosmetics, therefore, sometimes becomes a key to cranky, present inexplicably for ancient people concern: cosmetics before, what the ancients used to protect skin?

idle ancient books, ancient people use of cosmetics, skin care products than the use of modern ecology and low carbon. Tang dynasty medical platform and the secret to outside (written in 752 AD) was recorded in the history of our country, the only female emperor wu zetian process of skin care, beauty, & other; Open the maid-in-waiting golden flower box, box clean snow powder into a small jar of rice water, stir carefully. Then took the gold dishes to the front of wu zetian, the empress stretch hand to scoop up a handful of thick batter, apply to the face and hands, gently rubbed and carefully nursing the skin & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

the book clearly stated, this is & other; Is heaven queen tried another motherwort YanFang & throughout; . The original wu zetian used for skin care and beauty & other Cosmetics & throughout; Is to burn to ashes of motherwort, then mix together with water, in a special small furnace, with low temperature slowly burning coals, and the burnt ash ball grinding repeatedly, eventually get & other; Delicate white & throughout; The fine powder.

actually, in the tang dynasty with & other; Herba leonuri grey & throughout; Makeup and skin care is not the patent of palace ladies daughter big miss. Dunhuang excavated in the folk, hand-written medical books, there are ordinary people with motherwort ash on eliminate face dark spots, acne & other On all disease throughout the &; The secret recipe.

as the late southern song dynasty & other; Encyclopedia of life & throughout; The Lin Guang remember things, not only recorded the widespread use & other; Plant ash & throughout; Cosmetic skin care, motherwort ash also recorded at the time the people have become a equipped with a variety of Chinese herbal medicine composition of composite products, women are poria cocos, lucid asparagus, rhizoma cyperi, radix glycyrrhizae, almond, honeylocust, such as soybeans and herba leonuri ash clever collocation developed & other; Cleanser & throughout; .

in yuan and Ming dynasties, & other; Herba leonuri grey & throughout; Beauty and skin care & other; Moore & throughout; To fully tap. They judged the yuan encyclopedia compiled life complete works “will head type that occupy the home and in the Ming dynasty of the party to phuket & other; Herself powder & throughout; The & other; Throughout evolution &; And its beauty and skin care functions. The women in yuan, Ming white poria cocos, white petunias, black cow, white, hyacinth bletilla, sandalwood, honey fine at the end of the article tuo monk, eagle, etc and herba leonuri ash mixing together, with eggs QingDiao into pills, in the shade to dry, evening makeup, with saliva & other; Pill & throughout; Wet, apply to face and hands, then rub. Until the late qing dynasty, the ladies-in-waiting still use this & other; Beauty pills & throughout; Body care. From the ancient records, the ancient beauty & other; Plant ash & throughout; Skin care, beauty, at least more than 1000 years of history.