Wuhan parents to spend 200000 do thank feast Rare porcelain present guests (FIG.)

the graph is: the hotel’s one-man show (reporter Zou Bin perturbation)

guest people a special customization of jingdezhen porcelain, the luxury cruise ship night cruise on the Yangtze river, close to high-grade hotel guests & hellip; & hellip; Yesterday, a luxurious banquet held in a hotel wuchang riverside avenue. Children to go to the central academy of fine arts college entrance examination this year, Mr Xu cost nearly 300000 parents hold & other; Banquet & throughout; And invited her son’s school principals and teachers to the party.

site & ndash; & ndash;

large electronic screen display & other; Thank teacher & throughout;

& other; Hey, I first saw do also make exhibition. Throughout the &; To come to dinner guests feel fresh.

& other; This is son of at ordinary times, still take shots,, out to let everyone have a look. Throughout the &; Parents Mr Xu is proudly told reporters.

Mr Xu is a clothing agency of a vice President, this year the university entrance exam, son Xu Wenbo 77 nationwide, with professional achievement culture scores 488 points to the central academy of fine arts design professional design space. On July 16, central American acceptance letter home, Mr Xu, a fraternity, & other; To thank others division feast before, thought & lsquo; My son in the future must be more than you & rsquo; This year, finally to achieve. Throughout the &;

banquet hall, in front of the large electronic screen scroll air special VCR, frequent samples & other; Thanks to wuhan & times; & times; Throughout high school teacher’s training &; , & other Thank you for the art studio teacher throughout the whole heart pay &; Such as subtitles.

cost & ndash; & ndash;

full cost more than 200000

& other; This is a big event, spend a little money. Throughout the &; Reporter asked Mr Xu thank teacher and how much is the total budget, he said, thanks banquet dinner party light means nothing, do it pays photogenic, presentable.

look from the banquet, a short distance from luxury. Feast on 20 tables, each table consumption nearly 3000 yuan, including drinks.

however, the teacher xie banquet & other; Surprise & throughout; A lot of, parents for the presence of more than 200 guests are carefully prepared a gift. Parents showed Mr Xu to have a to the reporter, a set of jingdezhen blue and white porcelain cup. & other; Especially looking for manufacturers of custom. Throughout the &; Mr Xu told reporters that every 300 yuan, booked 250 sets, which cost 50000 yuan.

considering the inconvenience back and forth from friends and family, Mr Xu heroism to an upscale hotel in wuchang ordered more than 80 rooms, each room costs about 500 yuan. Spent 40000 multivariate, accommodation.

this is not, after the banquet and sideshows, all guests will take luxury cruise nights to watch the river xu pay for nearly 40000 yuan.

Mr Xu roughly calculated that the above cost, plus making video, the full cost of no less than 200000 yuan.

teacher & ndash; & ndash;

for students celebrate it

& other; The party is the second, the most important is to want to share the joy of students. Throughout the &; Xu graduated high school headmaster wang told reporters that this is their own for the first time in four years to thank teacher feast. Xu is the first examination for this high school ten years students of central beauty, as the school principal, feel glory.

wang headmaster, said xu received a bill at the end of April this year after beauty professional admission notice, the school began to see him as & other; Key protection object & throughout; Which subject, weak, classroom teachers to separate & other; Separate & throughout; . In the principal point of view, xie division, the celebration dinner banquet should be changed to gather together to celebrate it.

for parents, the teachers present all said. Many teachers argue that students, please don’t please the teacher to eat all right, if the pendulum thanks banquet, they also willing to attend. But firmly opposed to wantonly spread a publicity stunt, lest students load too many worldly success. Chutian more than 27 (reporter liu interns, learn Taiwan incense cedar