Wuhan university unified “custom” lady walking contentious (FIG.)

knees together, legs taut, belly in hold out a bosom, both hands on the upper belly button, reached out to his left foot, come back again, and the left heel close to right foot & hellip; & hellip; In wuhan spinning large campus practice room, the second & other “Lady class & throughout; Five girls are practice & other; T step & throughout; .

monitor Wu Xiaohuan tells a reporter, usually practice the posture, generally one station is more than an hour, whenever coaches shout rest, everyone is directly on the flap, because the leg is stiff dozen don’t come and bent. Because practice required to wear high heels, often are delayed for more than ten minutes to take off your shoes and your feet flat by tilting posture. And classic lady stress & other; Throughout & teeth; Compared to Wu Xiaohuan when smile when talking, show eight white teeth, not melodramatic, not aggressive, scale grasp just right.

founded in 2009, wuhan university of textile “lady class” is a class of developing student’s comprehensive quality. Higher vocational college students from the school each specialty, grade, aims to develop & other; Can speak, write, walking & throughout; The & other; True, the good and beauty & throughout; Modern women. Image: CFP vision China

on March 26, 2012, wuhan spinning large campus training room, the second & other; “Lady class & throughout; Five girls are practice & other; T step & throughout; . Image: CFP vision China