Xiamen university 60 candidates to climb a tree class commencement is referred to as “the most novel class”

xiamen university tree climbing class teacher is demonstrating to climb trees

this July, & other; University of weibo association & throughout; Climb a tree will be opened up, according to xiamen university class, teach students to learn & other; How to safely climb any tree, and free to move on and even flexible shuttle between trees & throughout; , netizens called & other; Throughout the novel class &; , this time has become anecdotal hot topic.

yesterday, the reporter understands from xiamen university sports education, as a public foundation course lesson climb trees has officially opened in the new semester, the course of the scientific name for & other; Tree climbing sport class & throughout; . At present, & other; Tree climbing sport class & throughout; The theory of teaching has officially started in yesterday’s lecture. And this & other; The most novel climbing trees throughout class &; So he was welcomed by xiamen university students, a total of 60 students choose success to this course. Is expected in a few weeks, & other; Tree climbing sport class & throughout; Will enter to the students of the long-awaited practice stage.

& other; Tree climbing sport class & throughout; Is a public basic course

this year on July 21, associate professor at xiamen university sports education Huang Lisheng wrote in weibo: & other; Xiamen university President zhu coming back from America, and found that American universities have opened to climb trees, requirements of sports instruction and up the hill to find some tree asset, as soon as possible to students to climb trees. Throughout the &; Once the news of xiamen university to climb courses about, became the xiamen one of the most popular topic in July this year, has caused wide public concern.

in September this year, xiamen university students start to course in educational administration system. Lesson climb into reality in the new semester, just climb a tree class of class called & other; Tree climbing sport class & throughout; .

reporter from xiamen university students published by climbing a tree seen in sports course statistics, tree climbing exercise class as public foundation course of xiamen university, 4 weeks – 17 weeks of teaching at the beginning of the term, every Wednesday and Thursday, altogether has four class, each class, a total of 15 students, the stage of theory teaching in the department of special classroom.

teaching went to climb a tree class when the teacher in abroad

relevant personage tells a reporter, xiamen university sports education in sports class teaching as a climbing tree teacher will will have a very professional way of climbing trees teaching. LuoTeng xiamen university sports education in kunming as the instructor, as early as in Russia during the national sports and university study abroad, is specially studied sport climb, and on behalf of the overseas students participated in the game climb, the lectures will be. At the same time, the other three are also proficient in survival skills teacher teaching, are all very experienced and senior.

yesterday, the reporter understands from multiple, xiamen university’s climbing the tree class has now entered the stage of theoretical study, is expected to again in a few weeks later, will be in xiamen university school of the hills and Simon began to outdoor teaching.

according to xiamen university student, on yesterday’s theory, the instructor covers the origin and development of the climb, purpose and significance, as well as the security of the popular trees equipment and the introduction of theory and climb a tree, safety issues, etc.