Xiang embroidery “embroidered boy” after the first writings 90 young master to do embroidery

China, changsha, April 29 (xinhua reporter Deng Xia) “old house” of primitive simplicity and elegant, artistic conception of the sounds of the forest, seepage at the colchicine silent & hellip; & hellip; The first by & other; Embroidered male & throughout; Needlework in hunan changsha xiang embroidery works of 28 just one appearance, has attracted many visitors stop to appreciate.

a dab hand needlework of these works & other; Embroidered male & throughout; Are from hunan vocational college of arts and crafts. In recent years, xiang embroidery tradition of handmade gradually replaced by high efficiency mechanized production, xiang embroidery talent with shrinking markets fall into the predicament of the period. , hunan vocational college of arts and crafts in 2006 opened the only professional weaving, and in 2010 the first recruit men xiang inheritance, for weaving enterprises develop higher cultural quality and aesthetic level of a new generation of xiang embroidery is talent.

11 have art strength & other; After the 90 & throughout; Youth in 2010 to become the first batch of xiang embroidery & other; Embroidered male & throughout; , the national non-material cultural heritage ai-yun liu xiang inheritance people. Through two years of culture foundation, the development of fine arts, art, and embroidery professional course study, & other; Embroidered male & throughout; Have a preliminary mastered the system of xiang embroidery draft, in the draft, material, color, stitch process, etc.

at the scene of the exhibition hall, the 21-year-old & other; Embroidered male & throughout; Jiang Tong is using his slim fingers don’t swoop in embroidered cloth, action is not embroidered elegant woman, is focused, posture is dye-in-the-wood. When it comes to enter oneself for an examination the purpose of the xiang embroidery professional, studied the sketch Jiang Tong than the truth, at the beginning just want to engage in art related industry, but study after a period of time, like the weaving. & other; Boys embroidery looks relatively straightforward, mainly oil painting subject matter. Throughout the &; Jiang Tong said, will also be embroidered on your own, but compared to girls, embroidered with flowers less feminine.

Jiang Tong than other disciples, there was a family of & other; Wonderful work & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Is hunan institute of xiang embroidery & other; Order training throughout the &; Xiang embroidery class Ma Yinshen. Two grandma and his aunt had fine embroidery art, more senior hunan institute of xiang embroidery embroidered mother. Since the childhood, Ma Yinshen plays in the mother’s embroidery workshop, points and lines, tracing, tension on the frame, such as embroidery process already knew, and to enter oneself for an examination the weaving class child bearing industry.

& other; I hope I can become a xiang male master. Throughout the &; In June this year will be assigned to mother Ma Yinshen unit work has its own dream weaving & ndash; & ndash; Learning skills, will the weaving this intangible cultural heritage carried forward.

there are more and more & other; After the 90 & throughout; Embroidered embroidered male female teacher, let see ai-yun liu xiang in the development of hope. The inheritance have said many times, she is willing to teach to each willing to learn the weaving techniques, & other; As a teacher to impart the xiang embroidery art I like holding, again painstakingly again tired also enjoy & throughout; .