Xiaohui peng: 99% of adults is blind

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in the past decade, xiaohui peng only got five master, but he is still bullish on sexology development prospects. In his view, like department of physics, chemistry, school every conditions are ripe, the department of sexology.

xiaohui peng have little at a loss, but this time, he is out of control. In student all looking at that moment, his eyes well up with tears. An introduction to the last day of this semester to learn after class, the students held a traditional for xiaohui peng thank teacher li. He asked the students, the teacher how to reciprocate, students said, do not need to reciprocate.

in the eyes of students, xiaohui peng is their & other; The teacher dad & throughout; . To evaluate his class, the students would say, & other; Didn’t go to sex is equal to throughout not to read a book & middle school; . But it is the students respect teacher, has just experienced a media storm.

a month ago, xiaohui peng opened a lecture sexology in normal university. After one day, an article entitled, “sex tutors of nnu open lecture, shocking view by students on the spot to retort,” reported widespread, public opinion is directed at xiaohui peng. Article, peng became & other; Suffer sexual abuse should be active in the condom & throughout; Advocates, he and other To allow gay marriage can save four hundred million people happiness & throughout; Comments also particularly stand out.

but things did not stop there. Later, xiaohui peng began to face all kinds of questions, and even personal attack, netizens call him & other; Recursive set of professor & throughout; , & other Sex workers & throughout; And even & other; Call beast throughout &; . It stirred his 87 – year – old mother, she specially make a phone call to ask, instructing him to be careful, & other; Don’t like fang was beaten & throughout; .

xiaohui peng told reporters of the Beijing weekly magazine, that time he didn’t sleep for a few days, sitting in front of a computer to respond to attacks, clarify your true opinion. Even the students themselves, but also on weibo help & other; To deal with & throughout; The attacker. This experience, he said, he is engaged in the 20 years since the sex research, the most depressed is also one of the most memorable.

however, this experience also let xiaohui peng bliss & other; Some media use we hype, why don’t we use the media propaganda claims? & throughout; . Then, he accept the media interview, also will own classroom from three feet platform, extended to weibo and blog.

in the lecture hall, weibo sexology xiaohui peng fun & other; Now, professor of speech throughout the &; . At present, the microblogging has tens of thousands of followers. These notes & other; Micro sexology # # & throughout; Weibo, from small three at the root of the problem, to the negative concept of virginity before marriage, to advocate the concept of equality between men and women, talk a lot. In addition, xiaohui peng will interact with the netizen, someone asked him, & other; How to use sex idea evaluation & lsquo; Yan zhao door & rsquo; The legacy of & ndash; & ndash; And Nicholas tse divorce & throughout; . His answer was & other; Public photos practice rather than photo is wrong, wrong & throughout; .

in the blog, xiaohui peng will share useful knowledge to the public, such as the post of rape concept, harm, prevention and countermeasure. This blog in 42 hours, reading 540000 hits. Reference to future, xiaohui peng said, & other; I will at the appropriate time, will my teaching materials are uploaded to the platform & throughout; .

in xiaohui peng’s view, for a long time, people’s knowledge about sex is narrow, even will be stigmatized. Sexual problems, he says, is not a simple moral issue, its essence is the political and economic problems. In addition, his research about sexual problems also involves the concept of equality between men and women, college students education, etc. In his view, the relationship between sexual problems with the overall social harmony.

as a university teacher, xiaohui peng delighted to say that their biggest harvest is eighteen thousand students in 20 years. He always wanted, is the establishment of independent department of sexology. But it is not easy, in the past decade, xiaohui peng only got five masters, he had to apply for report was stranded in the department of sexology. However, he remains optimistic about the sex development prospects.

when asked if afraid of being questioned and denied, xiaohui peng smiled said: not afraid, I am a man of a daring not afraid. As long as that I do is right, I won’t look back, that is persistent.

when & other; Recursive set of professor & throughout; Is my glory, I don’t think is insulting

Beijing weekly: encounter & other; Rape recursive set & throughout; Remarks after the storm, someone is teasing you & other; Recursive set of professor & throughout; , & other Sex workers & throughout; , how do you respond?

xiaohui peng: although the somebody else is fun, or belittle me, and even personality insult. But, I understand the condom on the significance of social health. If my title can improve social alertness of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, then when & other; Recursive set of professor & throughout; Is my glory, I don’t think that is an insult to me.

to me interacting with sex workers to shame me, they are wrong. I see these people as my sisters, as we are all sisters.

: why & other; Rape recursive set & throughout; Comments can cause quite a stir?

xiaohui peng: misunderstanding, extreme, some ideas for a long time don’t understand what is going on.

in addition, this time I also tasted the bitter fruit of being taken out of context, distorted. Some of the media to scare, make some of the so-called title party’s style of his story, and only read the sentence and then misunderstanding of the masses.

: someone said, a recursive set of rape is acquiescence or connivance.

xiaohui peng: kidnapped ransom you do that is to say, do you agree with his kidnapped? Be compelled have no choice, either to take life in chastity, or reduce the damage to a minimum, settling and then to assist the police to solve crimes, why not? This is the respect for life, this kind of condition is the same when he was abducted and exchange ransom, why it comes to sexual problems we can’t accept?

again, I meet a rapist and didn’t say just pass without saying anything, this is ridiculous.

: sex is anyone is unable to avoid.

xiaohui peng: sex account for half of the two basic human purpose, it is extremely important to humans.

“mencius & middot; tell Confucius said,” it said, food and color. & other; Sex also & throughout; Mean, nature, basic nature. Humans are actually completed two basic purposes, one is eating, one is color.

& other; Color & throughout; Is that everyone has the right to sexual desire, sexual gratification is granted, it is a byproduct of reproduction, it is indispensable to human survival conditions.

: you study sexology motivation?

xiaohui peng: is a kind of attachment, the attachment is not to say that I’m better than who have higher moral sense of responsibility, I am just an ordinary members of society.

tell me my field of study and learning, the work of each one of us, in addition to meet basic life needs, the rest is to do what they are interested in. When you are interested in things are consistent and social needs, the corresponding, that is the most happy thing.

: how about sex research?

xiaohui peng: (recursive set of comments troubling) this scold me, comes to my family, even no mood swings is impossible. In a word, scold the very ugly.

there will always be new things not to be understood, can’t complain. The Copernicus to insist on his heliocentric theory even lost life.

sexual nature of the problem is not a moral issue, is the political and economic problems

: what is sex?

xiaohui peng: sex is not the nature of ethical issues, is the political and economic problems. This is not an empty slogan, because it involves living resources and the balance of the allocation of resources, which involves the configuration pattern of interests.

: the boundary of the sexual and erotic?

xiaohui peng: sex is sex of a kind of expression.

of course, different countries legislation, cultural ideology is different, have different to porn. Our country management pornography laws and ethical code of ethics, in the middle stage. It is not drift, nor imprisoned, also was not executed.

: “3 d sex and zen” pornographic films such as popular show?

xiaohui peng: this is a kind of virtual sex consumption. When real sex resources are not available, people will have a psychological desire, namely, pursuit of virtual resources, such as from erotic art works is a kind of psychological satisfaction.

in addition, everyone sexually curious, sexual psychological balance. In order to maintain their mental health status, he needs to see involves the opposite sex, sex work. This is not a moral negativism can decide.

: in the realistic society, men still occupy the initiative.

xiaohui peng: this and life data configuration. In the realistic society, the man to master the main means of livelihood, and sex resources around the nation, who have the bestselling, sex resources around who turn. A person if use sex to exchange, then this must be a trend. This means that its high-quality capital must be toward the high-end of livelihood.

like seaweed in a snail house, she also want to own struggle at first, but social blocked her way, so she was forced to as a mistress, never to resist, by default, to the last active pursuit. This is not to say that the algae immoral, but helpless. She was compelled ChengXiaoSan, with those so-called & other; Prostitutes & throughout; Naked to sell sex.

: sex resources betrayed or deprivation will produce what problem?

xiaohui peng: the biggest problem is that someone is not normal love marriage, the age of sexual contact they don’t have, leads to a series of social problems.

such as migrant workers, their sex resources deprivation is an objective fact, but it is not a simple resources deprived. Its essence is their life information supply, their wages only enough mouth, could not marry in the city. Economic problems determines the ration of the resources.

: does that to a certain extent, increase the sex industry development?

xiaohui peng: the sex industry developed, still attached to the unfair life resources. Early western also is such, such as Sweden, the sixties and seventies of the last century, is thriving red-light district is very rich, but later on, the social security system underwent steady improvement, the sex industry is naturally die out.

: the sex industry is facing legal and moral taboo, how to balance the conflict between them?

xiaohui peng: should be adjusted. Mainstream values that it is immoral, ok, you have the right to decided. But, a few, even there are quite a part, he is willing to in private consumption, you also for such it online. As long as you don’t disturb others, don’t force the somebody else’s consumption.

a man in your pocket, the man led to remove

: more and more people come out to talk about sex, it would have been unthinkable in the early years.

xiaohui peng: that’s right. In nearly a decade, our rapid economic development, the necessity of the social development can be highlighted: once the material conditions, the quality of life reaches a certain level, sexual needs will be facing the people.

in addition, people’s life attitudes, habits, ideas, and even personal value orientation diversified, more people are willing to express their own lifestyle, and imprison, conservative culture form before, you dare not exposed.

: China will be like the United States, that experience a sexual revolution ideological trend?

xiaohui peng: this is an inevitable law of social development, not to transfer cultural ideology, any society.

: in the current environment, some still stick to abstain from sex before marriage education, avoid sex before marriage, what do you think?

xiaohui peng: completely without clue, abstinence-only education education is locked, this concept is chained by the feudal culture is veiled.

someone believe in premarital virginity, OK, no problem, this is a personal right to choose. Some adult, want to have premarital sex, OK, this is also a personal right to choose, they don’t interfere with anyone, we should not use moral to blame somebody else. This is & other; Right moral & throughout; , rather than ideological moral & ndash; & ndash; Most people moral dictatorship.

: concept of virginity is some people advocate that is inherent in the patriarchal concept at work?

xiaohui peng: the man in charge of the means of subsistence, overall this is a fact, he was the ruler of life data configuration. And each industry elite, power is also a man.

living resources in the men’s hands, but uneven configuration. In this case, a woman is privatisation, materialized, objectified by men.

: how to fundamentally solve these problems?

xiaohui peng: I figure, did your pocket to man, the man led to remove. It means that, to have a balanced life data configuration. In addition, men and women in life data configuration rights should be equal.

: you directed the play the vagina monologues starting point, also is this?

xiaohui peng: it is. This is a feminist genre, mainly against sexual violence against women, want to raise public awareness of the equality between men and women. We hope that through this performance awakens people respect for women.

sex is sex, the wrong too far

: your sexology elective course is very popular with the students, how do you think of this demand?

xiaohui peng: sex research professionals lack, not rare, it can say no. In addition, scientific and standardized of sex knowledge, sex education, from the past to now is almost non-existent.

although since the 1930 s, the north’s Zhang Jisheng some involvement, but because of the backward feudal now than then, he can’t be like this. The reason why I can have a foothold, suggests that social progress, the public needs it.

: but the public understanding of sex is still far from enough.