Xinjiang desert mirage appear camels, automotive clear reflection (figure)

every 5 to 10 months, shanshan county in xinjiang in the south of the desert, often there will be a mirage. Video capture

a mirage is a natural phenomenon due to the refraction of light, and this kind of scene, is not unique to sea. Every 5 to 10 months, in in shanshan county, xinjiang uygur autonomous region in the south of the desert, often have the lake now, desert dunes on the mirage of tall buildings.

10, 10 o ‘clock in the morning, originally is dry and hot, shanshan of desert gobi desert, in some areas began to appear one by one small puddles, and then an hour, in the sparkling waters of forming a large quickly. And internal slots in a mirage, photographed is another story.

live team in advance in the region of the likely mirage, places the camels,, markers, such as objects, from a distance, they are the reflection of visible.

as temperatures rise, around two o ‘clock in the afternoon, a mirage the desert landscape has reached the maximum. To about six o ‘clock in the evening, began to fade.

a mirage of the site is located in xinjiang shanshan desert to the volcano flows between, about 40 km long, about 20 kilometers wide range. Summer here the surface temperature of around 50 ℃ to 80 ℃, the sand by the scorched, surface temperature, lead to the desert temperatures on the hot cold, high density and low on air. When the sun from the high density of air layer into the low density of the air layer, speed of change, after refraction, there is a mirage.

as the scene complete, live team to overcome a tornado in the desert, dust storms, such as bad weather, captured this natural wonders.