Xinjiang investment 16 million repair thousand-buddha grottoes 112 jin dynasties period

Beijing, urumqi, 14 dec 13 (YanPing zhou w.evaluation) xinjiang kuqa administration of cultural heritage, according to foreign investment of 16 million yuan by the state key cultural relics protection project wood spit thousand-buddha grottoes rescue and reinforcement project has fully implement, this is also since 2000 library wood spit thousand-buddha implementation of one of the most large-scale reinforced repair.

library wood spit, thousand-buddha grottoes is an important part of qiuci grottoes chisel in the period of western jin, 112, the existing grottoes preserved is rich, unique cave, architecture, frescoes, statue is beep etc, for the ancient silk road in qiuci one of an important part of cultural heritage, has important history, religion, culture, art and scientific value, unlined upper garment wrote in 1961 for the Chinese national key cultural relics protection units. For a long time, due to the wind rain immersion, the surface by wind erosion, rain erosion, suffered a collapse, fracture, such as disease, grottoes and murals are subject to different degrees of damage, starting in 2000, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization organized library wood spit, pull thousand-buddha repair protection work, and make the maintenance protection plan.

the rescue and reinforcement project mainly includes the dangerous rock reinforcement, flood management, road construction, and library door reinforcement and deformation observation and other five categories, including dangerous rock mass weathering prevention technique of reinforcement for the first time using PS, mainly through spray PS solution on the rock mass, form a layer of dense protective layer, without changing the appearance of the cultural relics and color, to achieve the purpose of the grottoes protection from rain and wind erosion.

library wood spit rescue and reinforcement project technical director deng jun said: & other; PS defend a weathering reinforcement mainly PS solution sprayed on the dangerous rock mass and rock mass, in the density of its surface to form a protective layer, to prevent wind erosion, rain erosion. Sprayed PS later, the mountain surface color ah, look the same, but on the surface it has formed a dense protective layer, prevent the rain water erosion and wind erosion effect is very significant, obvious & throughout; .

reporter learned that, rescue and reinforcement project designed by the China academy of heritage, liaoning non-ferrous geological construction, to be completed in October 2013 in all. The flood control projects have been completed, later will also be installed in electronic surveillance and other protective measures.