Xinjiang is now the most expensive in the history of Afghanistan unified blood only sell 12 million (FIG.)

12 million yuan worth of Wagner’s sheep


a purebred Wagner of Afghanistan blood gill sheep again refresh record

recently, one of the auspicious sha county in xinjiang with Afghanistan blood of sheep was opened for the high price of 12 million yuan, become the most expensive one sheep. So what is a sheep, can sell high price of 12 million yuan.

reporter in the auspicious sha county mountain township 3 village to see, the scientific name is called pure Wagner Jill sheep, portly like a calf, is about 1.7 meters long, 1.4 meters high, Snow White, healthy strong limbs, and large aquiline nose high elevation, large ears, a pair of big eyes & other; Twinkle & throughout; .

sheep parr’s master said: & other; The sheep is was bought in March last year, 11 months now. This breed is very pure, ears more than 40 cm, width 20 cm, white is white, black is black, the sheep can be said to be a first-class color white, the sheep hair net rate is more than 60, each sheep fat can grow to 130 to 140 kg in 4 to 6 years old. Throughout the &;

this is sheep hatti Pal in March of last year to buy from Afghanistan to the pedigree of Wagner’s sheep, purebred few in number, currently in China at present only family have such pure Wagner’s sheep. Two days before, one of the businessmen dedicated to korla, would like to offer 12 million yuan to buy, but parr hatti considering the sheep entering breeding period, has declined.