Xinjiang kanas lake monster now suspected researchers salvage unexpectedly distress (FIG.)

recently, according to a video exposure in xinjiang kanas scenic spot again found suspected monster unknown creatures. , experts say, according to the picture, the creature to zhe salmon, is the big red fish.

video waterhorse exposure more

according to the scenic spot workers accidentally shooting pictures showed, on the lake there three suspected the figure of the creature, nearly an hour later, the water appeared three suspected monster.

team to explore any accident

a professional team with advanced equipment, enters the kanas lake, their goal is to put the monster out of the fish in the lake. However, a huge support sonar sensor in water was puzzling to be broken.

experts: monster to zhe salmon

specializes in kanas monster, experts say, the creature for zhe, salmon, is the big red fish. Appear this kind of video images, usually when the big fish catch fish.



monster from all over the world legend

in many countries all around the legend of the monster. In China, in addition to kanas lake monster, jilin monster, sichuan hunting tower ness monster. In Britain, the loch ness monster spread already a long time.