, xixiang Tibetan traditional wedding etiquette: eat hot pot into circle dance

the diqing Tibetan county in yunnan, now still is winter, cold and bleak, but because another meaning contains also looks very beautiful. Because, this is not only the tibetans season of Christmas, the new harvest love and wedding season.

recently, the China news agency reporters have participated in the village, xixiang soup with chopped Tibetan guy pull Dan’s wedding.

all Dan’s soup with chopped village is more than one thousand years of history, the birthplace of western black pottery, this distance shangri-la county 30 kilometers of the Tibetan village, surrounded by mountains, the peach blossom in full bloom, farmhouse dotted with stars.

because of the upcoming wedding ceremony, the village men, women and children are clustered in three layers of the chopped all Dan home Tibetan tulou. Tibetan girls in pre-hospital wash bowl chopsticks, several strong men in preparation for the reception. In the sitting room on the second floor, Tibetan monks chanting and praying, the elderly and guests from afar, hustling all drink tea while chatting, smiling face in the backdrop of the firelight gleaming.

at 3 PM, the bridegroom began to wear dresses in bridal chamber, behind him with a piece of his and the bride’s wedding photos. After some time, wear pull all chopped Dan wore a fox fur hats, dressed in white, red, phnom penh tied with multicolored hada, stamped on the black Jin Wen leather boots and exhibit Tibetan man of high precision, but is very serious expression on your face.

if chopped is Dan’s grandfather says, Tibetan festivals, wedding is a complete set of etiquette, such as a traditional wedding often need three days and two nights. Although now the younger generation’s wedding is different from before, began to take wedding photos, bawdy, but some old traditions still have to keep.

ji, the groom and best man and the relatives and friends went to the village to meet the bride and seeing the bridegroom off the ball. Not far away, seeing the bridegroom off team coming singing a string. Just in the bridesmaid surrounded by the bride has low head. After meet, ridiculous carrying conifers water in female qi under the guidance of xi officer, for seeing the bridegroom off a welcoming chang on head. After seeing the bridegroom off of the elderly at chang, carefully for ritual vessels such as conifers, incense burner, tea bucket compote tangle on white hada.

where is 500 metres from the groom’s family door, procession and seeing the bridegroom off elders began to song, introduced the situation of the children, thank each other, and education of the couple’s life, treat people the rules and also the experience of his possessions. Always low head bride could not help but hand brushed the brushed canthus.

at the gate of the song & other Door song & throughout; Climb stairs, surrounded by all new accept cypress water baptism. Arrived at the sitting room on the second floor, all around the fireplace sit on the floor, and began to taste the tea fruit cakes, the official start of the wedding banquet.

if he tells a reporter, the reception on the first tea, zanba and pastries, after eating, to a unique black pottery pot. Pastry is mainly Fried rice flour and wheat noodles, represent the bodhi leaves and the bodhi tree branches. Hot pot is a pipa meat, sausage, bean curd and with snow mountain potherb and dried vegetable.

& other; Behind every ceremony has deep meaning. Don’t let the smile and bow, in fact is to let the couple understand happiness, persistently, treat partner to obey. Throughout the &; Come to attend the wedding of the elders said.

after the wedding banquet, relatives and friends in the empty highland barley fields lit a bonfire. Night, the flames from a person’s face is fairly red, more and more people join the jump in the heishui circle, standing on the rhythm of the ancient dance together. Such joy will continue until the next day.