Xu Zheng see female prime minister of Thailand roll sleeve open chest By a group of harm the image of the Chinese (FIG.)

a few days ago, due to the homing since the movies “Thai town of people again sorry way” to promote industry of Thailand, Xu Zheng by female prime minister of Thailand the met, was a good thing, but Asian news agency President jing-bo xu questions, call its name criticism does not pay attention to social etiquette, & other; Rolled shirt sleeves, open chest & throughout; Casual dress, detrimental to the international image of Chinese people.

Xu Zheng see Thai prime minister dress was criticized

fans & other; Hunting & throughout; Critics

& other; Even if you are auteur: and, behold, the king of the country’s prime minister, especially female prime minister, can learn some gentleman, learn to respect the somebody else, give yourself a good tidy up. With the Thai cannonballs Xu Zheng, you created the 1.2 billion box-office myth, however, is to be one of the most basic etiquette, lost in a big mess. I don’t know how to Thailand the beauty to the prime minister, see this help a Chinese man? Throughout the &; Released yesterday, Asian news agency President jing-bo xu weibo this passage, on the Xu Zheng shamed. Due to points out the name of Xu Zheng, weibo immediately by Xu Zheng jing-bo xu fan mass & other; Hunting & throughout; , jing-bo xu did not stop, but again comments: & other; To see so many comments, most of people believed that the shirt sleeves, open chest met with British prime minister, there is nothing wrong. I have no speech with rightness! Throughout the &;

then, the reporter through jing-bo xu weibo, found that he is a real & other; Weibo control & throughout; From international problems to cultural differences, and life fun and detail, can be published weibo material. Can be compared with the previous comment on the weibo, rarely speak of this criticism Xu Zheng, less than 24 hours to reach nearly 6000 responses, and most Chinese netizens have stood Xu Zheng side, think jing-bo xu focus too much on appearance, the image too harsh, like net friend & other; Throughout 1993, champagne &; Said: & other; Xu Zheng to feel the most comfortable clothing to the prime minister, in the most simple appearance meet prime minister, why don’t have when, and he is representative of his own. Sitting position is correct, do not see where disrespect, why don’t have. Throughout the &;

jing-bo xu explained Xu Zheng this not only represents the personal

& other; MoYanLing Nobel Prize, wearing a tuxedo; Jackie chan in the two sessions this year, with a custom Chinese tang suit, decent, have lasting appeal. Throughout the &; Call with reporters yesterday, further the jing-bo xu clothing reflect literacy, social etiquette is China’s economic take-off, compatriots should make up a lesson. & other; Xu Zheng as a director of a new generation of domestic, art is, met by foreign leaders, no matter let public or in private, should pay attention to dress up, because he is to meet with this piece of video, television broadcast in Thailand, will also spread to many corners of the world through the network. Video of him, is more than a representative of the people, but a Chinese director and even Chinese men. Throughout the &; Jing-bo xu said, especially in the face of female prime minister, should respect each other, & other; One who look around Xu Zheng work, but without a shirt on the chest button, don’t you think it is very disrespectful it & throughout; ?

in addition, for online almost accused of one-sided message, jing-bo xu also said: & other; I don’t know oneself with Xu Zheng, or see the Thai character, while working in Japan, but the nationality is still in China, but when I see this photo and today’s message, the in the mind not the taste. I see comments on the network, and 90% are scold me, maybe some of them quite my people, a mouth, but they will also be an attack that 90% of people. As an ancient civilization in China, it is necessary to exalt the most basic social etiquette, when others point out mistakes, no reflection or thinking that only know blindly defend also sad. Throughout the &;

foreign leaders meet stars will not deliberately to dress

reporter tried to contact Xu Zheng yesterday, but the telephone has been turned, the beginning and end of the assistant dada to know things, also try to contact Xu Zheng. But to the press yesterday, there has been no response, only said: & other; Mr. Xu is not home, all still in touch with him, by his own speech is better. Throughout the &;

in addition, the reporter understands, when foreign leaders meet with Chinese stars, generally do not claim to dressing deliberately. Shang wenjie, along with a show last year in Toronto, Canada to attend the opening ceremony of the north American division and brand promotion news conferences, but also by the Canadian prime minister StephenHarper meet alone, but shang wenjie refer to each other and no particular requirements: & other; Wasn’t asked to do some political etiquette, all is according to my own etiquette to do, natural and easy. Throughout the &;

Thailand travel note

“tai town” hit, and so did the Chinese in Thailand, but travel at the same time also should pay attention to respect the local customs culture.

greetings: Thai greeting way is folded hands, chest, and then nodded politely bow.

the royal visit have taboo: Thai quite respect, with the royal family when visiting religious sites, please take off your shoes before entering the sacrifice has Buddha temple, hat, the religious party, please do not enter inside. Each statue of Buddha no matter big or small, damaged or not, is viewed as the sacred gift. Clothing, dress neatly, sleeveless shirts and jackets, skirts or above knee skirt and hot pants are not appropriate. In addition, women do not touch the monks, not even the slightest touch.

the first foot taboo: refers to the highest and the lowest part of the human body. Thai people taboo to touch people’s head, even if is not friendly performance, if with the feet, pointing to a person or a particular object is regarded as extremely impolite behavior. Ban gambling: Thai local gambling is forbidden, even if don’t noisy in the hotel room to play CARDS or mahjong.