Xuan zang “scandal” : take the Indian monk five hundred classic Sanskrit

Ma Guhui

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is buddhist elementary and middle school as a child to read, buddhist teachers love to arouse the child’s attention, with “journey to the west” by sun wukong, pig eight quit, sand monk, for another when it comes to the king bull and spider jing, the last fall to xuan zang, says he is, how to give religion brought a large number of classic back to China. Between virtual and reality, between the novel and history, such a monk, diligence, to attract young me deeply.

of course, I also grew up in only after know xuan zang is a real boy. Read, ji read Qian Wenzhong, beginning know xuan zang is not simple, know how to please the emperor and understand with rivals compete for resources, understand widely accept his disciples to show cause, also only then gets into the great cause.

he once described: xuan zang & other; On the one hand, he is a devout buddhist, youdao monks. On the other hand, he moves between the minister of the emperor, praises, sometimes a little vulgar. Throughout the &; People under the eaves, longitudinal is monks, his head also, the key is down to calculate what is a personal interests or the dhamma, his undertaking? The monk tang, obviously, the latter.

Qian Wenzhong also mentioned a pile of xuan zang & other; The scandal & throughout; . India has a monk in China, named fu was born, with more than five hundred buddhist scriptures, going to long in the translation of classics. But somehow, & other; F born by xuan zang’s harsh repression, not only to translation work, and ultimately also were forced to leave the changan, finally died in the land of the miasma, and f have brought more than five hundred clip Sanskrit classic but was killed by xuan zang & throughout; .

xuan zang was born in about 600 AD, common family name is Chen, a young monk, familiar with the western text. He west religion, to more than 10 years, narrow escape. Sixty-five – year – old parinirvana, dreamed of lotus white elephant before he died, the disciples asked him: & other; The monk decided to live in the not? Throughout the &; Xuan zang answer: gently & other; Live. Throughout the &;

how confident, how weight. A lifetime of effort merits, foot let xuan zang serene eye closure. In thousand years later, if the local & other Throughout the development &; In the name of dismantling xingjiao temple pagoda temple, I’m terribly sorry this brave westbound wizard.