Xue tao, a famous prostitute in the tang dynasty the first female to the food and the provincial government to civil servants

xue tao like (figure)

this article from the apricot flowers fall day that year, liu li, jincheng press

this officer prostitutes also can be regarded as a public relations girl’s predecessor, need talent, rhetoric, the unity of knowledge and wisdom. Xue tao into line, show the special professional quality immediately. People said that she and other See poem liquor, especially to argue & throughout; . That is to say, she not only drink, also poetry article, moderated and active thinking, good at debate. So, xue tao entering the brothel, had a reputation, doomed this female is not equal.

later proved, xue tao is really talented, too talented, she won several & other; Throughout the first &; : is the first female poet, sichuan is the first female poet of the tang dynasty, and the first took the provincial government stipends, female civil servants. Said xue tao was a female civil servants, not the author thought, but because she really worked in the government, and quite a long time and she played & other; Throughout the school book lang &; The position.

& other; Throughout the school book lang &; Do the main work is the official document writing and school books, is a civil servants. Although it’s only a grade is not high position, rank was only from do, but because for the work of cultural level the demand is higher, so the threshold is high accordingly. According to regulations, only jinshi origin (university level above) men bear is qualified for the position, the tang dynasty big poet bai juyi did this job.

administrative can xue tao was a man called WeiGao unearthed.


this is not the average person, his position is & other; Bo give our time & throughout; , which is equivalent to our today’s regional commander and party secretary of sichuan province, is the real provincial leadership!

at first, xue tao as song ci-poetry and aimlessness using wine, frequented WeiGao shogun, thus have the opportunity to show their talent for many times, her literary talent view also make many people were present.

once WeiGao entertain an important guests, by celebrities are also shu. WeiGaoZhao xue tao, come to her impromptu chanting songs to the people. Xue tao impromptu writing a “wushan temple film” :

a gibbon place to visit gaotang, a phantasy vegetation fragrance all the way.

mountains not forget song yu, underwater acoustic is crying and discuss the king of judah.

exist under the balcony, rain rain time chu wu.

how much disappointed temple gate, long spring to empty bucket thrush.

WeiGao seen admiration, at the circulated to all the guests, everyone also all gasp in admiration.

xue tao wrote this poem is a core value in wushan WuShanShenNv peak temple. Since song yu’s “gaotang fu”, wushan yunyu has became the endorsement of the men and women joyous love, but in xue tao, but there is a melancholy meditate on the taste, a lift by mountain by water, to lament the flavor of the world. Especially the last sentence & other; Spring to empty bucket thrush long & throughout; , but also likes the faint accused predecessors’ addiction, this conception from the hand of a woman is not easy, comes from a coquettes pen is very rare.

with the increasingly deep understanding of xue tao, WeiGao feel let xue tao only a & other; The vase & throughout; Similar role is wasted, and gradually, let her to participate in the original made of aides official correspondence (official documents) aspects of the work, in fact now is equivalent to the role of the secretary. The internship secretary work ability is strong, very the favour of immediate supervisor WeiGao, WeiGao is going to the court reported to headquarters, formal let xue tao obtainment of the next file.

this time, someone out dissuade said: & other; Military affairs despite my hectic, played with a prostitute the officer please, if the court thinks is wrong it, will not bring trouble handsome reputation? Even if lucky is granted, the red skirt into my official, erode the rulers dignity, easy to leave for dissent, looking handsome think twice! Throughout the &;

the man mean, & other; Adult, you give a woman please officer is a bit wonky, your reputation affect adults. Said again, to government office, the door to see a group of men sitting in a girl wearing miniskirts, also a little decency. Throughout the &; That wei adults wanted to think, was right, just put it down for a while.

although WeiGao dismissed the idea of for xue tao please officer, but girls’ schools title of the book had been secretly call away. Xue tao although there is no formal establishment, truly, truly, but as the work of the school book lang, an irregular government workers, and staff level or higher.

although not compiled, it is not easy, how is the governor’s office staff. Can’t help exclamation xue tao’s life more than it is now a lot of female college students, met a is the use, not discriminatory other good leadership; At the same time, also let a person have to miss the mighty datang era, it is tolerant magnanimous mind, to later generations a par.

can’t conclude that xue tao when in the office, whether as a & other; Throughout life secretary &; . That is to say, publicly to write some documents such as poetry, secretly do call rain clouds, this really hard to say. But there is no secret, because WeiGao’s favor, xue tao in the shogunate some affairs, be also did some request another’s help it is only in private.

according to the five dynasties He Guangyuan people “the spirit of enlightenment” one book ten records: & other; Should be an angel were ordained for each session is shu, the inquire for tao number, and tao also crazy escape, regardless of the suspected, the traces of gold silks, often on. Throughout the &;

He Guangyuan said, handle affairs officials came to sichuan, all want to meet xue tao, otherwise equal to didn’t come to sichuan, and also has a gift every time, xue tao also not refuse, were collected. These people see xue tao, about two motivations, one is the only admire xue tao, 2 it is to want to take advantage of xue tao wei to curry favor with leadership.

xue tao of the conspicuous manner, caused the WeiGao discontent, leaders like you, also can’t so show, leading the people should know more low-key person. So WeiGao borrow sympathy rimland garrison, xue tao be sent to the remote loose state it honestly let xue tao in your reflection, avoid arrogance, modest and prudent.

of course, it also has another version, xue tao said the penalty, is WeiFuRen challenged (WeiFuRen is the daughter of former prime minister), prosecutors and frequently & other; Reprimand & throughout; Because of the.

smart xue tao, of course, know WeiGao intention, then on the way to the loose state, wrote ten famous separation poem & ndash; & ndash; General & other; Ten from throughout the poem &; & ndash; & ndash; For WeiGao.

the poem carefully designed ten kinds of metaphor: & other; Shall not be red silk rug on sleep & throughout; , & other; May not be the twilight of hand holding & throughout; , & other; Shall not be phthalates more throughout the HSS &; , & other; Shall not be in a cage to call & throughout; , & other; Shall not be more nest nest between beam & throughout; , & other; Not all night in palm & throughout; , & other; Shall not west, a visit more & throughout; , & other; Not with Kings arm & throughout; , & other; Shall not hang Yin fu CV 18 & throughout; , & other; May not be on the ITO jade throughout the &; , to compare yourself to birds, swallow, dogs and other pets.

this & other; Ten from throughout the poem &; Actually is a letter & other; Plead guilty never throughout his conviction & book; . Give up have to write ah, in this remote place without service didn’t eat for rice, which have the leadership of the provincial side feel well? Xue tao this me to cut & other Ten from throughout the poem &; That shining & other; Shall not be & throughout; , & other Shall not be & throughout; , let a person tears.

as the saying goes, a woman the most powerful weapon is gentle and tears, WeiGao check deep thought, said, & other; Xiao xue this wench is a rare talent, his return. Throughout the &; Words can change a person’s destiny!

after the setback, xue tao hopelessness, decided to low-key person. Back to chengdu soon, she took off music join way, in the suburbs of chengdu very near, bought cottage single-family house, kind of loquat flower full courtyard, but at age 20 years old.

although xue tao, a female Taoist priest, in chengdu is still on the ground & other; Throughout the school book &; A problem. Give our time for the 11 stubble, accompany her poetry hostess served for decades. She experienced WeiGao, Yuan Zi, liu monarch, Gao Chongwen, Wu Yuanheng, Li Yi Jane, sowing, Duan Wenchang, Du Yuanying, wang Guo Zhao Li Deyu addition, our town shu’s time, and they all had different degrees of association, is & other; Water made our girls’ schools book & throughout; .